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Independent-minded and fond of clowning around, Frenchies are a fashionable choice of dog for celebrities and everyday pet owners alike.

Why buy pet insurance for your French Bulldog?

There are a couple reasons why pet insurance for French Bulldogs can be expensive. First, Frenchies are prone to health problems (including breathing difficulties suffered by short-muzzled dogs), which may require costly vet treatment.

And although they usually have very gentle and affectionate temperaments, French Bulldogs are easily over-excited. This can lead to accidents that result in trips to the vet or potential legal claims.

Why join the French Bulldog insurance group?

We believe all breeds deserve fairer pet insurance, particularly dogs such as French Bulldogs that are more expensive to cover.

So we’ve negotiated a 20% discount with MORE TH>N for members for this group. You can join for free to find out more and use the combined buying power of other French Bulldog owners to unlock your fairer deal.

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Find out more about insurance with our guide to the best pet insurance for dogs.

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Top questions answered by us

  • Why French Bulldog Insurance?

    Data released by The Kennel Club recently on the UK's Top Dog Breeds confirmed what anyone who has been for a weekend walk on London Fields this year already knows - Frenchies are bang on-trend. But while everyone seems to know what great dogs French Bulldogs are, not everyone is aware that insuring them can be expensive. We wanted to raise awareness of this, and help French Bulldog owners use their collective buying power to get a better deal on French Bulldog pet insurance.

  • What are the most common French Bulldog health problems?

    French Bulldogs are short-muzzled (or, in technical language, brachycephalic) dogs, and as a result they are prone to various breathing difficulties, including stenotic nares (narrow nostrils). These can, in turn, lead to complications such as heat exhaustion or fainting during exercise. The painful Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is also relatively common in French Bulldogs. The French Bulldog Club of England is a good source of more detailed information.

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