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Cats and dogs make for great pets, however, an increasing number of people opt for a less conventional choice, such as Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Hamsters. These small furies are usually easier to look after, while still providing their humans with plenty of laughs and affection.

Ferrets are among the most entertaining pets to have around the house. They love exploring their surroundings, they are playful and, as long as they were accustomed to it from a young age, love human contact. While they spend much of their time sleeping (and so presumably out of harm's way), they are fussy eaters and some foods can make them sick. With the correct care, they can live up to the age of 10.

Reptiles are also seeing a rise in popularity with pet owners, with one of the most popular choices being the Bearded Dragon. As well as having a very cool name, this Australian native is gentle and likes to cuddle with its humans! Bearded Dragons do not need walks and a simple routine can help them to live to their teens.

While these pets tend to spend less time outdoors, accidents can happen (both to them and by them). Additionally, all living creatures can get sick, and so it is always a good idea to get the best insurance cover.

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