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The Egyptian Mau has been referred to as ‘the greyhound of cats’, due to its marvellous speed –they have been recorded moving at more than 30mph. So in a race between an Egyptian Mau and Usain Bolt, whose personal best is a tortoise-like 27.8mph, the Jamaican would be left on the starting block with his tail between his legs.

But these cats don’t have to sprint to stand out from the crowd. With her distinctive spotted coat, musical voice and gooseberry-green eyes, the Egyptian Mau is as elegant as her lineage is ancient.

As the name suggests, the Egyptian Mau comes from the land of the Pharoahs; where cats were regarded as far more than domestic companions (as this beautiful video demonstrates). When a cat from a noble Egyptian household died, it would be embalmed, mummified and buried in a sacred place; in the hope that they would accompany their owners into the afterlife. Felines also had strong associations with the ancient Egyptian religion – the goddess Bastet is depicted as a woman with the head of a cat.

And whilst Egyptian Maus are no longer considered to be gods, most owners would agree that they’re really quite special – and deserve as much love and attention as possible.

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