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What’s this group for?

The element of risk is part of what makes mountain biking exciting, of course, that means crashes, broken bones and totaled bikes come with the territory.

Many cycling insurance firms are set up to cover road users' bikes from theft, but we've found an insurer that puts as much focus on the rider and injuries they may sustain as their bike.

We believe cyclists deserve a better deal when getting insurance so we used our members' combined buying power to negotiate a 10% discount on PedalSure policies.

What’s the benefit?

We like that PedalSure allows you to insure yourself, your bike or both together. That means mountain bikers could choose to insure themselves so that they can receive a payout if they brake a bone or have to take time off work because of it. PedalSure also offers payouts for physio and dental work after a crash.

And you can still select cover for theft and accidental damage for your bike. So they're offering a free Data-tag Stealth Pro to those who purchase Pedalsure insurance through this group.

PedalSure's personal cover acts as a kind of affordable health insurance if you have an accident while cycling. Its cheapest policy starts at less than £5 a month (if you use our discount) and includes:

  • £35,000 of personal accident cover
  • Up to £500 broken bone payout
  • £1m for personal liability
  • £500 for physio after a crash
  • 7 days of world wide cover

There are three levels of cover so you can raise these limits if you want.

Public liability will pay your costs if you're involved in accident and injure someone or damage their property.

Bike cover includes new for old replacement in the event of theft or accidental damage and all PedalSure policies cover you for amateur races and events.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

You can join the group at no cost using the ‘Join’ button on this page. You can then get a quote from PedalSure to see if the price works for you.

Why does the group exist?

Bought By Many groups people together who have a similar insurance need. We then use their collective buying power to secure our members a better deal on their insurance. We’ve helped our members pay less, save time and get better cover. See the how it works page for more information.

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