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Whether it’s a 3-day cruise of the Mediterranean or a 2-week tour of the Caribbean, a cruise is a great way of taking in multiple locations, without having to endure arduous train, bus or plane journeys. Instead, you get to relax in luxury and enjoy the various activities, entertainment and fantastic food that the ship has to offer.

That said, like with any other type of holiday, things can go awry, and so it is best to be fully covered. This is particularly the case with cruise holidays, as you can fall ill thousands of miles from the nearest mainland medical facilities.

Cruise holiday insurance covers you for various possible eventualities, including medical expenses, cancellation, missed port departure, cabin confinement, cruise interruption, excursions and your belongings and baggage.

By joining this group, you club together with other cruise holiday makers to get a discount on your insurance. We have negotiated a great deal with Travel Adder – join the group to find out more and ensure your holiday is plain sailing.

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  • avatar for SheilaSheila 9 months ago

    I am 73 years old and had a heart attack a year ago, I am currently waiting for removal of my Gall Bladder, does any on know of an insurance company who will insure me without breaking the bank.

  • avatar for HeidiHeidi (Bought By Many staff) 9 months ago

    Hi Sheila, thanks for getting in touch. I would suggest you contact Free Spirit. Free Spirit are a travel insurer who specialise in medical conditions and older travellers.  They offer cover for a greater range and severity of medical conditions than most other insurers, so we feel they are in a good position to help our the members of our medical condition groups.We've negotiated a deal with them for members to provide a 12.5% discount.  You can get this discount by quoting and buying online here: Free Spirit cannot quote online, they consider a wider range of people (and offer a more thorough service) over the phone.  Hence you can still get the Bought by Many discount if you call them on 0845 230 5000 and quote BOU2310. Kind regards, Heidi

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