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Coton de Tulear, Coton de Tulear Dog Insurance

Gentle, affectionate and sociable, the Coton de Tulear is great with children and makes a great family pet.

The breed’s unusual name is influenced by the its fluffy, cotton-like long coat (Coton is the French spelling for cotton). Tulear is a town in southern Madagascar, where the breed has been a favoured companion of the rich since it was introduced to the region by French troops. It is only in the last 20 years that the breed’s been reintroduced to Europe and America, and has become popular again outside of Madagascar (though it is still relatively rare).

Cotons like open spaces and enjoy swimming and playing, but can live in an apartment, as long as they get taken on a daily walk. They are highly trainable, and so teaching them ticks and playing games which exercise them mentally, as well as physically, is recommended. Their long, beautiful coat requires daily grooming.

Cotons can live as long as 16 years and are generally healthy dogs, but can sometimes be prone to heart problems, liver shunts, back (disc) problems and eye problems.

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