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Loyal, intelligent, protective and eager to please, Welsh Corgis make great family dogs. They tend to bark and a wary of strangers, and so make excellent watch dogs, but this does mean they need to be socialised from a young age.

There are two types of Corgi dogs: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and The Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Cardigan Corgi is thought to date further back than the Pembroke, but both are herding dogs and originate from Wales. They were originally thought of as one breed, but were separated as two different breeds by a show judge in 1934, as he decided they were too different.

The exact history of either breed is not known, but the Pembroke Corgi features heavily in Welsh folklore, with legends claiming they were a gift from woodland fairies and the preferred mount of fairy warriors.

These days, Corgis are most famous for being the favoured breed of Queen Elizabeth II – her love affair with the breed began in the 1930s, when her father purchased Dookie - the first Royal Family Corgi (a Pembroke). She has since owned over 30 Corgis and her love for the breed is showing no signs of waning.

Corgis do not, strictly speaking, need a palace to live a happy and healthy life. They are comfortable living in an apartment, provided they get enough exercise in the form of a long daily walk, as they are an energetic breed.

Corgis are prone to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and eye problems. They must not be overfed as weight gain can cause back problems, which they are already at greater risk of due to their body shape.

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