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About Cocker Spaniels

Playful, affectionate and lively, the Cocker Spaniel has been lovingly nicknamed “merry cocker”. The breed has been present in literature and art for almost 500 years, and more recently, in popular films and TV shows.

One of the most famous Cocker Spaniel is Sweep, who as you can see is a good friend of Bought By Many.

The breed is popular among celebrities, with Elton John, Martin Clunes and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all owning the dog.

Why buy pet insurance for your Cocker Spaniel?

While considered to be a healthy breed, Cocker Spaniels can be prone to some hereditary diseases including hip dysplasia, patellar lunation, canine dilated cardiomyopathy, cancer and heart murmurs. Due to their long ears, they can also suffer from ear infections, and so cleaning and checking their ears regularly is important.

We've created seven pet insurance policies, some with unique features, after listening to feedback from more than 40,000 pet owners.

With Bought By Many's Comprehensive pet insurance, you can get £15,000 of vet's fees cover, with dental insurance included as standard. This is the most comprehensive pet insurance policy on the market.

We also have other unique policies such as MoneyBack, which will pay back 20% premium if you do not need to make a claim in a policy and features up to £7,000 of vet fee cover.

Join this group to find out more about all of our members-only pet insurance policies and get a quote.

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