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Cats who belong to city dwellers are almost exclusively indoor cats, which means they are far less likely to be harmed by the different dangers of the outdoors.

From an insurer's point of view, keeping your cat indoors makes it less of a risk to insure. Staying inside protects the cat from contracting infectious diseases, being injured by other animals, humans and vehicles or becoming lost. Domestic cats are called that for a reason, especially in the city, where they are far more likely to come to harm than in rural areas.

Deciding whether to keep your cat as an indoor or outdoor cat is tough and involves many considerations. However, by joining this group, you remove the cost of insurance as one of those considerations by joining other city cat owners to get a great deal on pet insurance for your urban kitty.

If you know other city cat owners who would like a discount on their pet insurance, send them a link to the group.

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