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Affectionate, cute, intelligent, and with a courageous streak that belies their tiny size, the appeal of both fluffy long haired chihuauas and short haired smooth coated chihuahuas is easy to understand.

In recent years, chihuahuas' profile has been boosted even further by films like Legally Blonde (starring Bruiser Woods) and Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and by the smallest dog in the world, teacup Chihuahua Milly.

That's helped the chihuahua become one of the most popular breeds of dog in the UK. And in spite of a few health issues with the breed (such as problems with jaws, knees, and reverse sneezing), chihuahuas typically require less vet treatment over their lifetimes than other dog breeds. As a result, pet insurance companies see chihuahuas as lower risk, and are keen to offer benefits to attract them.

With this group, we'd like to use the buying power this creates to negotiate special terms on chihuahua insurance. We said that if 100 owners showed interest by joining, we would open negotiations with pet insurance companies to find the best possible insurance for chihuahuas - and we're delighted to have now agreed a special offer for members with MORE TH>N. To find out more and get a quote, please join the group.

Finally, if you're still looking for a chihuahua puppy, why not check out our list of Chihuahua Breeders in the UK?

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Top questions answered by us

  • What are the main chihuahua health risks?

    The most common problems in Chihuahuas include overshot jaw, hydrocephalus (water on the brain which leads the head to swell), patella luxation (dislocation of the knee), entropion (curling eyelids), and retention of baby teeth and testicles in male chihuahuas. There's a very helpful article on Chihuahua health at the website of the Chihuahua breeders Valenchino Long Coat Chihuahuas which gives more information on these conditions.

  • Are you sure it's spelt "Chihuahua" and not "Chiwawa"?

    Yes! The history: chihuahuas get their name from the state in Mexico where the breed originated.

  • I have a dog but it's not a chihuahua - how can I club together with other owners to buy insurance?

    We'd love to hear from owners of other dog breeds who would like to start a similar group. Please get in touch and let us know about your dog and if there are particular things you are looking for from dog insurance.

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