Cavapoo insurance

Insure your cavapoo with one of Bought By Many's unique pet insurance policies

Cavapoos are one of the cutest breeds around but they don't come cheap. This high cost is one reason to consider pet insurance.

  • Complete is the most comprehensive pet insurance on the market. It comes with £15,000 of vet fee cover, including dental and offers up to £6,000 for loss, theft and death- the highest on the market, which could help if the worst happened and you lost your Cavapoo.

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  • Pre-Existing cover includes insurance for past medical conditions as long as your Cavapoo hasn't had advice or treatment for them in the three months before the start of the policy. The vet fee limit for those issues increases every year you do not claim for them. You’ll also receive up to £7,000 of lifetime vet fee cover for new issues every year.

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We also have two policies called Value and Regular that have vet fee limits of £3,000 and £7,000. Our Regular comes with the option of zero excess for pets under nine.

Our policies have a 15% multi-pet discount for pets on the same policy, and many have no limit on the age of the pet.

There are affordable extras such as travel, loss and theft cover that can be added to many of our policies.

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Check out our clear and simple policy documents and policy summary to find out what our insurance does and doesn't cover. We're the first insurance company to receive Fairer Finance's Clear & Simple Mark, which means all customers will find them easy to understand.

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We designed the policies based on over 40,000 comments from pet owners. They told us what they wanted to see in pet cover and we listened.

How much does a Cavapoo cost?

Cavapoos cost from about £250 to over £1,000. Breeders often list Cavapoo puppies at over £1,000. Some colours, like apricot, can be even more expensive.

How much is Cavapoo pet insurance?

The price of your insurance will depend on many factors, such as where you live, how old you Cavapoo is and whether it has any pre-existing conditions.

But for a one-year-old Cavapoo based in Milton Keynes our prices start from £9.27 on our Value policy. All of our policies come with excess options to help you adjust your premium. (Based on a quote obtained in January 2019)

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