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There are a number of things about purebred cats which affect how they need to be insured, so we've created this group to help owners use their combined buying power to get the best cat insurance.

Firstly, many breeds of cat are popular choices as house cats - Ragdoll and Russian Blue being good examples. Because these cats spend all their time indoors, they are less likely to pick up infectious diseases, require vet treatment for injuries, or to go missing.

Secondly, the breeding process can lead to cats having a predisposition to develop certain medical conditions. For example, some lines of Persian cats have high incidence of kidney and heart problems, while Siamese and Abyssinian cats are more likely to end up at the vet with eye and ear issues. It's important that these conditions are not excluded from cat insurance policies.

Finally, purebred cats often represent a material financial investment. Very few people are in the market to spend £17,000 on a hypoallergenic Ashera cat (a Savannah hybrid), but buying a kitten from a breeder is not cheap and usually costs several hundred pounds. So, replacement costs do need to be taken into consideration.

By joining this group, you club together with other pure breed cat owners to demand a better deal on pet insurance for your companion.

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