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The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, is as calm as he is noble. This breed has a long and distinguished history, having lived and worked first alongside the Romans, then later throughout rural Italy as both a guard dog and a hunt dog.

A well-trained Cane Corso will be affectionate and even docile with its family, but ‘well-trained’ is the keyword here. They may be best suited to experienced dog owners, who can give them the consistent and firm-but-gentle command they need to flourish. Starting this training as puppies is essential – a full-grown Cane Corso who considers himself boss will not be easy to manage (as adults, it’s not uncommon for Cane Corsos to weigh up to 50kg – and sometimes more.)

After the Second World War, Cane Corsos declined drastically in numbers, to the point where they almost faced extinction. Thankfully, in the 1970s a small number of dedicated enthusiasts set out to save them, and also to create a breed standard; in 1994 the Cane Corso was accepted by the Italian Kennel Club as an official Italian breed.

As with many larger dogs, the Cane Corso can be prone to problems with its joints and limbs, including hip or elbow dysplasia, or even ruptured cruciate ligament. This means Cane Corso insurance is hard to find - right now the only well-known pet insurance provider to cover Cane Corsos is Petplan where you can get a quote on their website.

We created this group for Cane Corso owners to club together and use their collective voice to demand a better and fairer pet insurance market for Cane Corso owners. The more people join, the more collective buying power we have and the greater the chance that we can negotiate a good deal, so if you know any Cane Corso owners, send them a link and invite them to join!

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