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Energetic, loyal and hardy, the Canaan dog is not only handsome, but makes a fantastic family pet, as well as a skilled working dog.

This dignified breed’s list of accolades is impressive – it was the first type of dog to sniff out landmines, they are used as sentry dogs, search and rescue, messengers and guide dogs and a Canaan Dog was the companion of choice for the late JKF Junior. The Canaan family tree is believed to go as far back as pre-biblical times, as images of the breed were found in 4,000 year-olds tombs in Israel.

After the roman invasion of the region, this ancient breed was forgotten by everyone except the nomadic people who live in the deserts of Israel, called Bedouins, who still use Canaan dogs to this day as herding and guarding dogs. Canaan Dogs have excellent hearing and guarding instinct and are very athletic, but lithe. This breed is one of the oldest in existence and is remarkably free of human intervention. They are beautiful and intelligent animals, but also love and crave human interaction.

Canaans are a rare breed, with only about 2,000 domestic Canaans in the world. They can live in an apartment, as long as they get the chance to run around and explore outside daily, as they will get destructive if bored. They can be difficult to train, as they are independent thinkers, but they are a very capable breed. They have few health issues and need minimal grooming.

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