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Sweet natured and sensitive, this skilled hunting dog is very easy to train but does not take kindly to harsh criticisms, meaning a gently-does-it approach is likely to prove much more affective.

The Brittany is a happy, playful breed that adores the company of humans and wants nothing more than to please its masters. They have an acute sense of smell, due to the unique shape of their nose and a regal, noble appearance that makes them a beautiful sight to behold, as well as talented hunters.

Believed to hail from the Brittany region of France, images of the Brittany can be found it artwork dating as far back as the 17th century.

This is an energetic breed that needs a large amount of mental stimulation, as well as physical exercise. They are not suitable for apartment living, as they need space to run around and explore. Smart and exceptionally obedient, they are one of the easiest breeds to train and easy to groom. They are generally healthy, though their long ears mean they can be prone to ear infections, so make sure to keep their ears nice and clean. They are devoted and family dogs and are fantastic with children, even small ones.

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