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Wise, calm and quietly content, the British Shorthair is the gentleman (or lady) of the cat world. They can be reserved at times but are rarely shy. They’re perhaps a bit too dignified to be regularly picked up or placed in your lap, but they do like to be around you. They’re sociable and know how to play, yet also perfectly happy to laze away much of the day in their own company. All of which can make them the ideal feline companion – particularly for owners who have busy lives of their own.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, British Shorthairs were the most popular breed in cat shows held at London’s Alexandra Palace. Then, during a few best-forgotten decades, the fickle British public was distracted by the arrival of exotic breeds such as the Persian and Siamese. Thankfully, from the 1930s onwards the people of Britain slowly gathered their senses, and the reputation of the British Shorthair began its gradual recovery.

British Shorthairs also enjoy not one, but two claims to literary fame; having featured in both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – as the riddling Cheshire Cat, of course – and as the lead role in the fairytale, Puss in Boots.

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