British Bulldog Insurance

The Bulldog has long held a place in our nation’s hearts. They are often referred to as British Bulldogs, or just Bulldogs, and wherever you see a mug, postcard or beach towel bearing the Union Jack – you’re just as likely to see a prime example of the breed.

Why buy pet insurance for your Bulldog?

Bulldogs can be very sensitive to heat and find it difficult to keep their bodies cool because of their small nasal cavities. And while Bulldogs are not the most hyperactive of dogs, they do need regular daily exercise otherwise they are prone to becoming overweight, which can lead to a number of health problems.

Bought By Many pet insurance can also cover your Bulldog for unexpected injuries or general ill health.

Why join the British Bulldog insurance group?

We believe all dogs deserve fairer insurance and we've created policies that may be particularly beneficial to Bulldog owners.

Our Pre-Existing policy is the only pet insurance that covers recent medical conditions

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Bought By Many's pet insurance

  • Value Our most affordable policy with up to £3,000 of lifetime vet fee cover.
  • Regular A lifetime policy with up to £7,000 of vet fee cover and the option of no excess for pets under 9.
  • Complete The most comprehensive lifetime pet insurance money can buy. Up to £15,000 of vet fee cover and dental cover is included as standard.

Bought By Many has also created three policies that are like nothing else on the market:

  • Pre-Existing Pet insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions as long as your pet hasn't received treatment or advice for them in the three months before the policy starts. Cover for pre-existing conditions increases if you do not claim and we offer £7,000 of vet fee cover for new conditions every year.

The average price for a 3-year-old British Bulldog on our Value policy is £27.21 a month, based on policies sold between February 2016 and January 2017.

This should be used as a guide; your price will be influenced by factors such as where you live, the age of your dog and the policy you choose.

Lifetime (or ‘yearly limit’) insurance covers vet fees up to the policy's limit every year. So long as you renew a lifetime policy each year, the level of vet fees will reset to the full stated limits that you started with. With a lifetime product, it is important to note that your premiums are likely to increase each year at renewal.

An innovative claims process - we've launched Snap Claims, which allows you to make online claims with no forms and no hassle.

Check out our clear and simple policy documents and policy summary to find out what our insurance does and doesn't cover.

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