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Intelligent, lively and sweet-natured, Boston Terriers not only make great companions, but are wonderfully entertaining as well.

The Boston Terrier is the original all-American pooch. It was developed in Boston in the 1860s, when coach men started to breed their employers’ English Bulldogs and White English Terrier (now extinct) as fighting dogs for pit fighting. The result was a dog called Hooper's Judge, who was then bred with a female French Bulldog, to reduce the breed's size, and the basis for the modern Boston Terrier was established.

Bostons are intelligent and very easy to train. They love people and, as they are small dogs who require little grooming, they make great pets for families with small children.

These are energetic dogs, but they over-heat easily and so care must be taken when exercising them in hot weather. Their life span can stretch as long as 15 years and over, but can suffer from certain health issues, particularly breathing difficulties (due to the shape of their face). They can also be prone to eye problems, luxating patellas, deafness, heart murmur, tumours, back problems and allergies.

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