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Energetic, alert and always at the ready, the border terrier is a sturdy little dog with a big love for life. Whilst they were originally bred to assist in foxhunts (their size was ideal: small enough to enter the foxholes but large enough to keep up with the horses), the border terrier is equally at home in more domestic environments. But those keen instincts to run and chase will always be there, so make sure your border terrier gets plenty of exercise – although these days, of course, a bouncy ball or soggy stick will happily stand in for the fox.

In August 2012, a border terrier was chosen as the cover star of Country Life magazine, next to a headline which ran: ‘Bordering on Perfect’. Well, border terriers aren’t ones to boast – and nor are their owners, really – but if the good people at Country Life magazine insist

More recently, tennis player Andy Murray has gone from dour Scot to national hero, which seems to have happened around the same time he introduced the world to his two border terriers, Maggie May and Rusty (incidentally, Andy also won some kind of tournament this year). Other celebrity border terriers include Bert, who plays the straight man for comedian David Walliams; and Dennis, who makes sure Elton John gets his daily walk.

By joining this group, you will be joining forces with other border terrier owners to get a better deal on pet insurance for your cheerful and playful pal.

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