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With its piercing blue eyes, snow white gloves, silken coat and deep colour points, the Birman is an arrestingly beautiful cat.

They are also known as ‘The Sacred Cat of Burma’, owing to an ancient legend from that country, which tells how these cats lived in the temple of Tsun-Kyan-Kse: a goddess with sapphire-blue eyes. When thieves raided the temple in an attempt to steal the statue of Tsun-Kyan-Kse, the head priest was killed; as he lay dying, his beloved cat Minh came to his side, to be with him in his final moments. At that moment, Minh’s yellow eyes were turned blue like those of the goddess, his fur shimmered gold and his paws pure white. Thereafter, whenever a cat died in the temple, it was said to be the soul of a priest making its way to heaven.

The majority of cat-owners today don’t have a giant, blue-eyed goddess statue in their home, but don’t worry – modern Birmans will be quite content purring around your feet instead (and when it comes to feeding time, they probably see you as a kind of goddess anyway, delivering food from above).

Surprisingly, given their long and silky fur, the Birman does not shed heavily or frequently, and needs relatively little grooming (about once a week is suffice for most). This doesn’t mean, however, that your Birman doesn’t require attention – as far as they’re concerned, that magnificent coat is there to be stroked. More information about keeping your Birman healthy and happy can be found on The Birman Cat Club website.

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