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If you thought the best thing to come out of the Swiss mountains was the Toblerone chocolate bar, allow us to introduce the Bernese Mountain Dog. Berners are big, beautiful, gentle giants who make excellent family friends. (Don’t be too fooled by their size and strength: a Berner can often be seen rolled over onto his side, utterly defenseless against a good tummy rub).

The Berner was originally a Swiss farm dog, used to help out with a variety of tasks such as herding cattle, pulling carts, and guarding the famer’s land and property. It’s still possible these days to see Berners happily pulling a cart, though this is more likely to be in a festival than on a farm.

But although most Berners today are (usually) not required to work, they will forever be energetic, outdoor dogs at heart. For this reason they are happiest being given plenty of exercise. And it’s not just their bodies that enjoy a workout; Berners are smart dogs who like to keep their grey matter in tip-top condition. Owners are encouraged to teach them a new trick every once in a while – and if your newspaper or slippers need fetching, you know who to call.

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