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Thought of as the Rolls Royce of felines, the Bengal cat is in such high demand that in the late 90s it was reported that a London woman paid a whooping £25,000 for one.

While there has been talk of a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cats since the late 19th century, the modern Bengal cat was established in 1963, when Jean Mill bred an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic short-haired. The name Bengal comes from the scientific name for the Asian Leopard Cat – Felis Bengalensis.

Bengals also take after their ancestor with their beautiful wild looks, streamline build and longer back legs, as well as high levels of energy and a need for a lot of engagement and activity, which makes them quite hard work. More information about keeping your Bengal cat happy and healthy can be found at The Bengal Cat Club and The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain.

Health wise, early breeders hoped that the Bengal would inherit the ALC’s remarkable immunity to feline leukaemia, but unfortunately studies have shown this is not the case. While it is a generally healthy breed, irresponsible breeding has led to it being prone to cataracts and heart problems.

Bengal cats do not require a lot of grooming, but, as they are so active, they are only recommended for experienced cat owners with time and energy to keep their Bengal entertained.

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