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Key policy features

  • WPA offers a multi-family policy, which can protect extended families across several generations, with no upper age limit
  • Offers three levels of cover
  • WPA gives you the freedom to choose a hospital near you

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WPA is a health insurer with 110 years of not-for-profit heritage.

It prides itself on great customer service and is the only insurer to volunteer details of any ombudsman complaints leveraged against it.

WPA offers cover for professionals who are members of certain associations, the self-employed, individuals, families and for companies and their employees.

The company ranks in the top 5 of our guide to the best health insurers.

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Overview of health insurance covered provided by WPA

WPA's personal policies fall into two categories – flexible health and multi-family.

Flexible health policies give either individuals or multiple family members living at the same address the ability to choose private medical treatment, along with when and where you are treated, and who by.

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In the words of WPA, the main benefits of this policy are:

  • Policies can be tailored to suit specific needs and budget
  • 3 different levels of cover available
  • Optional cancer cover – including drugs not available on the NHS
  • Freedom to choose a hospital near you

Their 3 different levels of cover (Essential, Premier and Elite) allow you to choose greater cover for a higher premium.

Their lowest level of cover is Essential, which WPA labels as providing ‘fast-track private surgery’ and covers most hospital and surgeon’s fees, and non-emergency surgery. It also has limited cover for consultations and tests before and after any hospital admission.

You can add cover for advanced cancer drugs as an option which gives £50,000 of cover for non-NHS cancer drugs in any one person’s lifetime.

However, Essential is WPA's cheapest level of cover so there are some exclusions.

Cancer surgery is excluded, as are non-surgical treatments. Essential also excludes diagnostic scans (like MRIs, PET or CT) and it has no cover for out-patient procedures (like any minor surgery that can be done in a day). Additionally, there is an annual cap of £50,000 benefit per person per policy year.

Those wanting more cover can choose Premier, the middle level of cover which is. This extends the Essential level to include cover for non-surgical medical treatments and for diagnostic scans. There are also fewer limits on consultations pre- and post-operations, and there is no overall annual limit on benefits paid.

Cancer surgery is still omitted as standard, but can be added as an option. You can also select additional outpatient covers, dental covers and emergency cover abroad.

The top level of cover is Elite. This level comes with the covers mentioned above, including cancer surgery, £500k of emergency abroad, £450 of dental and £200 of optical cover as standard. There is also a benefit of £200 for health screening, to help you catch any potential medical issues early. This is the top level of cover and will cost more.

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WPA also provide a multi-family policy, which can protect extended families across several generations, with no upper age limit.

Family members must be related by adoption or fostering, blood, civil partnership, marriage, or as cohabiting partners, although they do not need to live at the same address. This product also comes in three tiers – Standard, Enhanced and Comprehensive but the levels of cover at each tier are different to those on the individual policy. For example, Cancer Cover is included at all levels.

How much does WPA insurance cost?

With 3 levels of cover available, the price of your premium will very much depend on how comprehensive you want your policy to be – remembering that a slightly higher cost can be worth it in the long run, should you need to make a claim. Your individual circumstances, such as age, previous medical history and lifestyle choices, will also impact prices.

You can get a quote from WPA using, which also allows a comparison of WPA policies versus those on the market.

For those on a budget, WPA offers ‘shared responsibility’ on many of its policies. This is a system where claimants choose the level of costs they would like WPA to cover, and what percentage they will pay for in the event of an accident, injury or illness. For example, a 25/75 shared responsibility arrangement means the policyholder will pay a quarter of the eligible claims and WPA will pay the rest.

This can lower the annual premium cost and replaces no claims discounts – a WPA spokesperson says: "we don't agree with these [no claims] discounts; they encourage people not to claim. If you sign up for health insurance, you're buying healthcare when you need it. It's not car insurance, it's your life. If you don't get treatment when you need it, the condition tends to get worse."

In addition, the option to insure multiple families on one policy should save money for the two families together.

What do WPA customers say?

Customer review site gives WPA an average score of 2.7/5 from 27 reviews.

Financial website gives it a score of 4.4/5 stars, with policyholders praising its straightforward cover and value for money.

What do the experts say?

WPA has been rated 7.5/10 stars by industry website Health Insurance Daily, which recommends the provider to individuals or groups who want private medical insurance rather than a capitation or other budgeting plan.

Independent financial researcher Defaqto rates individual products and policies on a scale of 1 to 5 Stars.

Defaqto has given WPA’s products the following ratings:

Flexible Health

Elite – 4 Stars

Premier – 3 Stars

Essentials - 1 Stars


Comprehensive – 4 Stars

Enhanced - 3 Stars

Standard – 3 Stars

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