What you need to know about triathlon insurance

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What’s the worst that can happen during a triathlon? You fail to finish? You accidentally split your tri suit? How about finding your bike has been stolen when you get to the first transition?

If your bike, or other vital equipment, is taken, weeks of training will have been wasted and you could be left out of pocket.

And it’s not just at the race where things can go wrong. Triathlons involve hours of training and trips abroad if you’re taking part in international events.

That’s why specialist companies, such as Yellow Jersey, have created dedicated triathlon insurance policies. They’re designed to cover equipment that is stolen or damaged during training, transportation or a race, and losses you would incur if you can’t take part in an event.

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Triathlon bike insurance – what does it cover?

Triathlon event insurance is usually offered by cycling insurers and focuses on bikes because they are likely to be the most expensive piece of equipment used in a triathlon. And they’re essential to the event; if your bicycle breaks the day before a race you may need to hire a replacement or cancel a race and lose your entry fees, both are annoying and unexpected costs.

However, triathlon insurance does cover more than your bike. It can include race fees, wetsuits and worldwide travel.

The policies can be used by amateurs or pros, and companies like Yellow Jersey cover all distances, from sprint and Olympic to Ironman.

The costs of participating in a race can add up. Yellow Jersey says industry stats show the average entry fee for a half ironman is £240 and the average competitor spends up to £680 a year on equipment other than bikes. That breaks down to:

  • Trainers: £120
  • Compression Clothing: £25 - £70
  • Wetsuit: £240
  • Apparel: £100
  • Other gear: £150

Yellow Jersey’s triathlon insurance for bikes covers:

  • Crash damage while training
  • Race wheel and pothole protection
  • Accessories and other equipment such as wetsuits
  • Race fee cancellation
  • Theft, including from vehicles
  • 48 hours of transition cover, so you can leave your bike at the course the day before the event
  • Roadside recovery
  • Damage to your bike or bike box while in transit

It also offers a 15% renewal discount regardless of whether you make a claim.

Yellow Jersey’s separate triathlon travel insurance includes:

  • No exclusion for cycling or racing – many standard travel insurance policies do not allow races
  • Race wheel and pothole protection
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Race fee cancellation and cancelled trips
  • Lost luggage
  • Rental bikes
  • Roadside recovery and taxi costs to get you back to your hotel
  • Winter sports cover so you can take part in other adventure activities

Yellow Jersey’s triathlon insurance aims to cover most aspects of training and competing in an event and has been designed in partnership with the British Triathlon Federation. Don't forget we offer a 10% discount here.

There are other companies on the market; Bikmo and PedalSure both offer triathlon cover as part of their bike insurance.

How much does triathlon insurance cost?

The price of triathlon cover will vary between providers and will also depend on factors such as the cost of your bike. Prices on Yellow Jersey start around £96 a year for a £500 bike, £112 for a £1,000 bike and £591 for a £10,000 bike.

They insure most bikes worth between £250 and £15,000 and offer a 60% multi-bike discount.

Training camp and triathlon travel insurance

When competitors get tired of UK roads and parks, or our cold winter weather, looking at training or a race abroad is always an option.

However, most standard travel insurance is unlikely to be adequate for serious cyclists. It will usually exclude races, and bikes or expensive kit can easily exceed single item limits.

Find out more about travel insurance limits here.

As mentioned previously, a few cycling insurers offer travel cover that includes triathlon insurance abroad and payouts if your equipment is damaged.

Yellow Jersey travel insurance covers bikes and bike boxes while in transit and if your bike is damaged, delayed or lost by an airline they’ll pay for the cost of hiring a replacement so your schedule or event are not interrupted.

We know cyclists like to have a bike set up to their specs so we recommend carrying your saddle and pedals in your hand luggage so that if your box does go missing you can adapt the setup of a hire bike.

And if your bike breaks while you’re out on the roads, Yellow Jersey will pay for a taxi to take you back to your hotel.

If you’re a coach running a training camp in the EU or elsewhere, you may need to look further afield for specialist business insurance but triathlon cover is worth considering for your bike and equipment.

Yellow Jersey, Bikmo and PedalSure all offer some form of international cycling insurance.

Do make sure your policy covers all countries and activities you want to take part in. Some common exclusions are liability cover in the US and mountain biking abroad.

Yellow Jersey includes winter sports cover as standard in its travel policy so you can take part in a few more activities.

What to think about when buying cover for triathlon events

When considering triathlon race insurance, you should think about all the equipment you’ll need for the swim, ride and run, and make sure it is covered.

Check the insurer does not charge extra for Ironman events or competitions. Although insurance can be useful for anyone considering a triathlon for fun, it may be even more worthwhile for enthusiasts. It means you can focus on the race and not have to worry about your equipment.

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