What does a dog grooming franchise cost?

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What does a dog grooming franchise cost?

The average cost of UK mobile dog grooming franchises for sale in 2016 is £16,125. However, the cost of a dog grooming franchise varies according to personal circumstances and can be much higher.

The price of a mobile dog grooming franchise was calculated by averaging prices of mobile dog grooming businesses currently for sale on BusinessesForSale.com.

What factors affect the cost of dog grooming franchises?

While franchises are modelled on the business that sells them, some elements do vary, which can affect the cost. These include:

  • Whether a van is included in the cost of a franchise
  • Whether the franchise owner requires training, and to what level
  • The cost of the property the business operates from when buying an existing franchise
  • The spec and cost of the equipment required for the business

Bear in mind that buying the franchise is just the beginning. Other things to consider are taxes, rent for your commercial property (these vary from location to location), running costs for the business (such as utility bills), marketing material, petrol costs and professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

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The main companies offering mobile dog grooming franchises in the UK

According to our research, the most popular companies are:

Auntie Doggie – this Lancashire based company has been around for 8 years and offers extensive training and support. A franchise costs £28,000 and includes veterinarian guidance, comprehensive training and marketing through the company’s social media.

Dial a Dog Wash – this company was launched in 1999, based on a mobile dog grooming business in the US. A new franchise or sub-franchise costs £14,999. The price for existing franchises varies by postcode. The franchise comes with an extensive package, which includes dedicated premises, grooming and marketing training and ongoing support.

Barking Mad – launched in the North East of England in 2000 when the founders could not find a suitable groomer for their dog, Bronte. Franchise prices range from £9,450 to £12,870, depending on the package you choose, but include comprehensive business training and a bespoke business software. Barking Mad also offers marketing and equipment packages and provides customer support for its franchisees.

Doggies Day Out – the company was launched in 2008 and has branches in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the West Midlands. A franchise stars from just £5,995 and comes with a generous package, which includes 2 weeks of training and an initial online marketing campaign.

K900 – launched in 2014, K9 Dog Wash is a division of Life Safe Ltd. The K900 is actually a machine, not a franchise, but is easy to use and very useful to anyone who has, or wishes to start, a dog grooming business. There are 2 types of machines – Delux (designed to be used outdoors as a stand-alone unit), which costs £13,950 and a Standard unit (for indoor use), which costs £10,450. Delivery, installation and training prices vary by location. Finance packages are available.

How much can you make from a dog grooming franchise?

This figure varies quite dramatically, depending mainly on your location, income vs costs and the services you offer. According to Auntie Doggie you can make as much as £350k per annum, while Doggies Day Out give the much lower figure of £70k per annum.

Being a franchise owner means you are self-employed so your income will depend on how many hours a week you put into your business and how much promotion you do to attract customers. You are your own boss and have the freedom (and responsibility) to set your own targets.

What else do you need to run a dog grooming business?

Once you’ve set up your franchise, you'll need insurance. You are looking after people’s pets, which is an enormous responsibility. Even if you are the best dog groomer in the business, accidents can happen, and so it is best to be covered.

There are three main types of insurance you will need as the owner of a dog grooming business:

Public Liability Insurance – covers you in case a pet in your care harms another person, causes damage to someone else’s property or causes an accident.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – covers you in case one of the pets in your care is injured or goes missing. This type of insurance also protects you in case you damage a client’s property or lose the keys to their house.

Employer’s Liability Insurance – if you have staff, including volunteers, you are legally obliged to take out this insurance. It covers you in case a claim is brought against you by, or for an issue relating to, one of your employees.

Most insurance companies also offer business owners optional extras, such as cover for equipment, money on the premises and goods in transit.

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