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VitalityLife, formerly known as PruProtect, offers a range of life insurance products.

PruProtect launched in 2007 as a collaboration between Prudential and Discovery. In 2014, Discovery assumed full ownership of PruProtect and created VitalityLife. The insurer paid out 99% of all life insurance claims and 91% of serious illness claims it received in 2014.

VitalityLife has an extensive healthy living benefits scheme aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of its customers. All VitalityLife members have access to the programme.

Members can also choose to add VitalityPlus, which provides access to cashback and rewards at an additional monthly fee of £4.50 (£3.30 with Vitality Optimiser). VitalityLife also provides discounts on things like fitness trackers, gym memberships and sports kit.

You can even reduce your premiums by taking part in healthy activities. The more steps you take to improve your health, the greater the rewards and discounts you receive.

VitalityLife offers a few products. All are flexible and allow people to add to or reduce their cover.

Some policies and add-ons are aimed at particular needs, such as its LifestyleCare Cover that is tailored to help people who are concerned they won’t be able to look after themselves and its Mortgage Life Insurance, designed around helping to pay your mortgage if you suffer a serious illness and can’t do your job.

This review focuses on the VitalityLife Plan and Essentials plans, both of which offer life cover for a fixed term or the whole of your life and pay out on death or terminal illness.

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Overview of life cover provided by VitalityLife

VitalityLife will pay a lump sum to your family and dependents if you pass away during the term of your policy. You can also add serious illness cover to your Vitality life insurance to protect your finances if you suffer an illness such as a stroke or heart attack.

The VitalityLife Plan and Essentials plans are very similar, although Essentials is slightly cheaper and does not include some of the features that are included in the VitalityLife Plan such as immediate cover.

The maximum cover limit for both is £20,000,000 and there are three options available – level cover, indexed cover and decreasing cover.

Level cover means the amount the policy pays out will not change over the life of the plan. Inflation may affect the relative value of the pay out in the future, but you can review your level of cover.

You can counter the effect of inflation by choosing indexed cover. With an indexed policy the amount that will be paid out increase annually on the anniversary of the day you started the cover in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

With a decreasing policy your cover will decrease over time. It decreases in the same way that the outstanding capital on a mortgage would if the mortgage had a 10% annual equivalent interest rate under the VitalityLife Plan and 7% for the Essentials Plan.

What makes Vitality stand out compared with other providers is its VitalityOptimiser option.

Vitality Optimiser is available as an option on both the VitalityLife Plan and Essentials Plan. If you choose the Optimiser your initial premium will be lower. For example, with a five-year policy you would receive a 5% upfront discount but 35 years of cover could bag you a 25% discount. On whole of life cover the maximum discount is 40%.

Optimiser ties in with Vitality’s healthy living programme and is status based. Everyone starts on Bronze and you earn points by engaging in the healthy activities such as going to the gym to reach Silver (800 points), Gold (1,600) and Platinum (24,000).

There are other everyday benefits such as free cinema tickets and Starbucks every week if you earn nine points a week. There is also annual cashback of up to £100 per person depending on your Optimiser status.

VitalityLife also allows you to take out a policy with somebody else – this is called a joint life plan.

How much does VitalityLife insurance cover cost?

VitalityLife premiums start at £8 a month for the Essentials Plan and £10 a month for the VitalityLife Plan. Your price will depend on your personal circumstances and requirements. Factors that may be consider when setting your premiums include your cover amount and policy length, you age and medical history, your occupation and your lifestyle such as smoking.

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Can I add serious illness cover with Vitality life insurance?

Vitality offers award-winning serious illness cover, which has been awarded a five-star rating by Defaqto every year since it launched in 2007.

VitalityLife’s serious illness cover will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specific illness or condition. VitalityLife’s cover pays out based on a scale of severity of the condition. The greater the severity of the condition the larger the payment. You can make multiple claims on your serious illness cover.

Core serious illness cover for children is included in the VitalityLife plan but is not part of Essentials. Optional serious illness cover for children can be added to both plans.

What happens in the event of the diagnosis of a terminal illness?

In the event of a terminal illness VitalityLife plans will pay out your lump sum if it meets certain criteria. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and your life expectancy is no more than 12 months you will be eligible to make a claim.

However, you must also have longer than one year remaining on your policy for your claim to be successful.

What do Vitality insurance customers say?

VitalityLife was only introduced in 2014 so most of the customer reviews are for PruProtect (the old brand name). According to financial information website PruProtect rated four stars out of five from 17 ratings.

What do the experts say about VitalityLife insurance?

Fairer Finance, an independent website that analyses financial products, ranks VitalityLife 22 out of 28 life insurers with a 72% approval rating.

The rating is based on three areas of analyses by Fairer Finance: the percentage of claims it pays out, how good it is at handling complaints and how transparent it is. Vitality scored well for claims and complaints but received a 52% rating for transparency.

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