The vegetarian meals better than the meat originals

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The best burger in the world this year is vegetarian. That is according to GQ, which heaped praise on New York’s Superiority Burger. The $6 (£4) burger (it even has a vegan version) is described as having a nutty patty made from secret ingredients.

And it looks pretty good.

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There are plenty of excellent dining options for vegetarians these days, although not everyone tackles dishes that are famous for containing meat. But if the best burger in the world can be vegetarian, there must be more meatless wonders out there.

We’ve found the best veggie options at restaurants and meals that you can cook at home that are as good, if not better, than the meat originals.

The vegan full English at #CookDaily

Many restaurants offer a decent vegetarian breakfast, but how about a vegan full English with tofu scrambled ‘egg’?

#CookDaily can be found in east London’s trendy Boxpark, a pop-up shopping mall made out of shipping containers. Its menu is full of cool vegetarian choices and its breakfast is a tasty option for anyone who needs a big feed in the morning.

In need of a curry? Try a masala dosa

Curries are a staple of the British diet and many Indian dishes are perfect for vegetarians. However, not everyone has heard of the masala dosa. It’s popular in South India and ranked 4 on the Huffington Post’s 10 Foods to Try Before You Die list in 2012.

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The dosa itself is a thin savoury pancake made from rice and lentils, which is served with a host of flavourful accompaniments such as spiced potatoes and chutneys.

One of the best restaurants to try one in is Chennai Dosa, which has branches around the UK.

The Mexican bowl at Nama

Nama is a vegetarian institution in London’s posh Notting Hill neighbourhood. It serves up raw food so you might be surprised to learn you can get a good chilli there.

Its Mexican bowl features pickled jalapeno peppers, cashew chipotle sour cream and paprika corn chips, but the almond chilli mix is the star of the show.

Try cooking these veggie versions of meat dishes at home

Cauliflower steak

Did you know you there is a vegetarian version of steak? Well, this one isn’t designed to completely replicate the meat version but if you cut thick slices of cauliflower you can roast them until golden brown for a great dinner party dish.

It are also quite versatile. The slices can be spiced and served with quinoa, or cooked with olive and tomato sauce, as this recipe suggests.

Carrot hotdogs – perfect for a BBQ

Barbeque season can be a struggle for vegetarians so why not try replacing uninspiring veggie sausages with carrots?

If you char carrots on a grill with some seasoning it creates a smoky flavour and makes them just right to put in a hotdog bun. You can cover them with whatever garnishes you want. The Chubby Vegetarian has a good recipe here.

Tofu tempura

Although vegetarian food is often very healthy, occasionally all you want is something covered in batter. Tempura is a great option for that. Famed vegetarian chef Eddie Shepherd has created an inventive version of tofu tempura with soured cucumber puree and seaweed ash.

It’s a bit posher than your standard deep-fried fare but it looks great.

Hopefully we’ve given you some tasty alternatives to famous meat dishes.

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