The 7 vegetarian Christmas horror stories

Digby Bodenham By Digby Bodenham

Christmas can be tough time of year for vegetarians. Festive meals feature piles of meat and you're often forced to dine with people who aren't always accepting of your choices.

We've listed the seven nightmare scenarios for many veggies.

Turning up at a family member’s house and they have ‘forgotten’ you’re vegetarian

Did your husband’s mum or your distant aunt really forget? You have a sneaking suspicion it was either out of spite or they couldn’t be bothered to cook veg that hasn't been drowned in turkey juices. And where does that leave you? Looks like its sprouts and red cabbage for your lunch.

The work do alternative veggie menu

While the rest of your colleagues tuck into well-presented plates piled with food the restaurant thinks it's fine to slop down some lukewarm lasagne for your vegetarian option. Or you’ll just be given a vegetable-based main, with vegetables on the side.

When there is something interesting on the menu, everyone steals it from your plate

There might be half a dozen meat options at your office Christmas party but everyone wants a taste of your pumpkin terrine. “Thanks for offering me some of your pork wrapped in pork in return, but I think I’ll pass.”

And what about Christmas sandwiches? Finally, the shelves of Pret have a few more interesting options, but by the time you get there all of the cranberry and brie baguettes or chestnut sarnies have gone. And when you get back to your desk all the carnivores are happily munching on them.

You’re seen as difficult because you won’t eat meat

The world can cope with you the other 364 days of the year so why do people think you’re protesting Christmas or trying to make them feel bad because you don’t want any turkey?

Your gran has cooked you vegetarian meals in the past, and you even said you’d be happy to bring your own food, but all of a sudden she’s acting like she’s taking part in a MasterChef challenge against her will.


Tofurky, Cooked

Just look at it.

Having to face constant jokes about vegetarianism

“How many vegetarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb…”

“I don’t care, just pass the potatoes. Oh, they’ve been cooked in goose fat… Don’t worry, I’ll be fine with this parsnip.”

People will try to convince you to eat meat

If you ever used to eat meat you can guarantee your sibling is going to spend the entire Christmas meal waving bacon in your face. Even during dessert. “Where have you been hiding that rasher, Sarah?!”

And if you’ve never touched the stuff why do people think the sight of a giant roasted bird will convince you?

But the time you get to spend with your family makes it worthwhile. And most of the desserts are vegetarian!

We hope you enjoyed this list and have a great veggie Christmas.

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