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Bought by Many’s travel insurance reviews

Insurance is a tricky purchase as of course we all hope that we never have to use it. This causes a second problem which is that you also don’t really know the true levels of service or customer satisfaction until you’ve been through a claim yourself. As a result, hours can be spent looking for not only the best deal, but the best information on the insurer and their policies to help with a decision.

To save you time in searching for that information, we are writing reviews of travel insurers by collecting publicly-available information for each one. This includes consulting sources such as Which?, Fairer Finance and Defaqto. Here’s our list of upcoming reviews (links indicate the review is live) – check back over time as this list will grow:

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Bought by Many exists to make the insurance industry a better place. We gather people together who are struggling with the industry in some way – it might be that the cover does not exist, that the cover is very hard to find, or that it is simply inappropriately expensive. We then use the collective power of our groups to negotiate with insurers to solve those problems.

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