Getting the Best Backpacker Insurance

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There are a wide variety of backpacker insurance providers out there on the market – some call it backpacker cover, come call it gap year cover and the number of policies tailored for long trips is increasing. To save some time, we gathered a list of those offering specific policies and then summarised our recent articles that help you navigate between them:

List of backpacker travel insurers

I’m not sure where to start

There can be a lot to consider when comparing backpacker insurance but a grounding in the basics of travel insurance and the reasons why you need cover is essential so that you understand what you are getting for your money. We’ve written a short introduction to help you get started - see Backpacker Travel Insurance – the basics.

What is the best travel insurance for backpackers?

Getting the ‘best’ backpacker insurance can be a tricky business as it depends on many factors including the cover you need and the trip you are taking. Some people spend their trip on Bondi beach and others spend it trekking the jungles of Malaysia; the best policy for each one will be different. With so much to consider, we've boiled this all down to the key points that many people consider to help them compare backpacker insurance policies - see our separate article on the 6 ways to compare backpacker insurance.

Avoiding the common mistakes

Insurance is a complex business and backpacker travel insurance is no exception. As a result, it is easy to be caught out by the details. We've given a few examples of how this can happen in our article What does backpacker travel insurance cover?.

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