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Switched On insurance provides innovative insurance cover for gadgets including mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, games consoles, cameras and sat-navs.

Switched On is the trading name of Taurus Insurance Services Limited, a group of insurance experts with more than 12 years’ experience providing insurance cover to both consumer and corporate markets.

Overview of insurance cover provided by Switched On

Switched On provides cover for all kinds of electronic gadgets, including mobile phones, laptops, computers, games consoles and sat-navs.

Cover can be obtained for single items, or for multiple items, with a multi-gadget discount applied for more than one gadget on a single policy.

Cover is available in three tiers, designed to suit your expected use of your gadget: standard, premium and ultimate. Standard cover protects against accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, cracked screens, £50 of accessory cover and worldwide cover for 30 days. Theft cover is not included at this level, so it is designed for gadgets that don’t leave the house.

Premium cover includes these benefits plus an increased £100 accessory cover and 45 days of worldwide cover, plus it offers £2,500 towards unauthorised use and £500 for e-wallet cover. Theft cover is also included so this level is designed for gadgets that you carry with you outside the house.

Ultimate cover offers further benefits still, with an increased £150 accessory cover, 90 days of worldwide cover, £2,500 towards unauthorised use, £500 in e-wallet cover and both theft and loss cover. This policy is designed to cover the widest range of eventualities.

Regardless of the level of cover taken out, all Switched On policies have no limit on claims, no impact on home insurance, a warranty on replacements and like-for-like replacements. Cover can be cancelled at any time without charge.

Switched On insurance policies can also be used by members of the policy holder’s immediate family.

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Which gadgets can I insure with Switched On Insurance?

Each gadget insured must be less than 18 months old from the date it was purchased as new (this is the date on the original purchase receipt), but once the gadget is covered you can continue to insure that gadget for up to 5 years by renewing your policy each year.

Amongst other criteria, Switched On Insurance’s policy documentation specifically lists that gadgets can only be covered if:

1. Purchased from a UK registered company supplied with full UK consumer rights and

warranties; or

2. Purchased worldwide directly from the manufacturer (e.g., Apple US); or

3. Refurbished items purchased directly from the manufacturer and which includes a

manufacturer’s warranty; or

4. Purchased second hand that have the original proof of purchase (which corresponds to 1 to 3 above) and a signed letter from the original owner confirming that you own the

gadget(s). This letter must include IMEI (where applicable), serial number and make and

model of your gadget(s).

This can be particularly important if you are seeking to insure a gadget purchased from a site such as ebay, gumtree or freecycle where the chances are higher that you are not buying from a UK-registered company.

How much does it cost to insure a gadget with Switched On Insurance?

The cost of gadget insurance with Switched On will depend on the gadget you insure and the level of cover you require. However, discounts are available for multi-gadget cover, and if you choose to purchase a policy and pay annually rather than monthly you’ll receive 12 months’ cover for the price of 11, equivalent to one month worth of free cover.

Note that the excess varies between £25 - £75 depending on the value and type of the gadget insured and the event you are claiming for.

Example quotes

Apple 16GB iPhone 6, standard cover: £4.49 per month or £49.39 per year

Apple 16GB iPhone 6, ultimate cover: £6.49 per month or £71.39 per year

Sony PlayStation 4, standard cover: £3.49 per month or £38.39 per year

Sony PlayStation 4, ultimate cover: £5.49 per month or £60.39 per year

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What do Switched On insurance reviews by customers say?

According to more than 350 reviews on, Switched On customers give the company a 92% customer service rate, while customers on give the brand 5/5.

What do Switched On insurance reviews from the experts say?

According to, Switched On is third in their top 10 gadget insurers list, while over on Defaqto, the independent financial product reviewer, the company has scored five out of five stars for its ultimate cover, making it ‘an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits’. Its premium cover scores three stars: ‘a standard product providing an average level of features and benefits’; while its standard cover has earned two stars, making it a ‘product typically offering a below average range of features and benefits’.

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