Ski Insurance Including Off-Piste

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Ski Insurance including Off-piste

I was a relatively late starter to the world of skiing, testing myself on the slopes for the first time at the ripe old age of 24. That week in Andorra now seems a long time ago – the bruises from the various poles and fences I’d collided with and the muscular ache from snow-ploughing for hours on end are both distant memories.

That first holiday was really simple – I looked up a low-cost package, organized a bunch of friends and that was about it. Everything else was included or was easy to find, including my standard winter sports travel insurance.

Travel Insurance with Off-piste cover

These days though my skiing has moved on and trips take more time to set up. I am selective about where I go. I choose specific instruction and guides. I have a range of gear that I take according to conditions. Generally, I ski away from the piste whenever I can. Perversely I enjoy quite a lot of this preparation as the excitement builds over the trip, but the one thing I find frustrating is the amount of time I have to spend on insurance - specifically on travel and ski insurance including off-piste cover.

Many insurers exclude off-piste skiing as a standard activity, due to its risks. In fact recent research by Gocompare, the price comparison site, found that less than 10% of policies included cover for off-piste skiing (46 of the 447 policies reviewed). Many more would cover you but with specific restrictions that may not be suitable for your plans (e.g. only within the boundaries of a resort, or only when accompanied by a guide).

Cheap winter sports travel insurance with off-piste cover

So the question is, how can you find the cheapest policy with the terms you want? Google helps a little, but typical methods like price comparison sites or Gocompare do not provide the ability to filter your results according to whether they cover off-piste skiing or not - it is a factor that is buried in the policy wording and so impossible for them to pull out. That makes finding the cheapest appropriate policy a lot more time-consuming than usual. All very frustrating given how important cover is for off-piste skiing.

So, to help cut down on the time it takes to find a policy that provides insurance for off-piste skiing, I’ve written a couple of short articles.

Join Bought by Many to access better insurance cover for off-piste skiing

We think there’s a better way than spending hours on the phone to call centre agents or reading reams of policy information to check your cover. Bought by Many groups together people with similar insurance needs, such as off-piste cover. That grouping gathers together the individuals’ buying power and gives an ability to negotiate discounts from Insurers that members could not otherwise get, on policies that cover their specific need. Using this principle we are able to provide 10-20% discounts to members of the group. Join the off-piste skiers group here.

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