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Saga is a British company founded in 1959, focusing on the needs of those aged 50 or over, providing insurance, holidays, financial services and healthcare.

Saga travel insurance is available exclusively to those aged over 50 (there is no upper age limit). This means they are often priced at a premium. However, Saga is a well-established company that boasts an array of industry accolades and awards; its customers appear prepared to pay a little more for top quality and service.

You can get a quote for travel insurance at the Saga website.

Overview of cover provided by Saga

Saga provides two main types of travel insurance cover: single trip and annual multi-trip. A single trip policy covers you for one-off travel of up to 90 days duration, while a multi-trip policy may offer more value for money if you’re planning on travelling more than once a year. The annual multi-trip policy is limited to cover up to 120 days abroad per year in total spread across any number of individual trips. Each individual trip is limited to 45 days per trip as standard, although this can be extended to 60- or 90-days per trip if needed.

Regardless of the policy chosen, Saga travel insurance offers a number of benefits, including: no upper age limit; cover for many pre-existing medical conditions; automatic cover for more than 40 popular leisure activities; 24-hour medical support including treatment, rescue services and hospital benefit; and a 24-hour worldwide support helpline.

Excesses are toward the low end – a maximum of £50 per insured person – while policy limits are generous, with £10,000 for cancellation, £1,000 for missed departure, £2,500 for lost or stolen baggage, £250 for delayed baggage and £5,000 for substitute accommodation. A number of other benefits, such as personal accident, loss of passport, replacement flight and criminal injury benefit are also included as standard. Saga travel insurance even offers £1,000 towards ‘air rage’.

While a range of popular activities are covered as standard, there is optional cover available for winter sports, golf and scuba diving.

Customers taking out a multi-trip policy are also able to add friends and family of any age to their cover, even if they’re not travelling together.

Is this what you’re after? Get saga travel insurance online quote from their website.

Does Saga travel insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

Given Saga’s target audience, the company does cover a vast array of pre-existing medical conditions, plus cover for a number of waiting list procedures. However, the company cannot offer cover to those who are currently having medical tests (i.e. you don’t yet have a clear diagnosis), nor will they exclude any pre-existing medical conditions, as other companies do, such is their commitment to comprehensive cover.

All customers are asked to take a simple online health screening review when they obtain a quote, which will identify any potential cover issues.

How much does Saga holiday travel insurance cost?

The cost of Saga travel insurance policies vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as the age of individual, the travel destination, any pre-existing healthcare issues, and so on. However, given the company’s positioning in the premium market and their focus on comprehensive cover provision, Saga customers may pay slightly more than they would at high street travel agencies or other insurers.

Examples of Saga travel insurance quotes include:


A 50-year-old female travelling to the USA, no pre-existing medical conditions: £28

A couple in their 60s travelling to Spain, no pre-existing medical conditions: £42


A 65-year-old male, worldwide cover: £133

A couple in their 60s, European cover: £137

The company also offers a 10% discount for customers who buy saga travel insurance online.

You can get a travel insurance quote at Saga's website.

What do the Saga travel insurance reviews from customers say?

According to reviews on, which collates customer reviews based on customer service, flexibility and fairness, product features and value for money, Saga travel insurance scored four stars out of five for each area, giving it a total score of 4/5.

What do the experts say?

Saga is rated number 1 (out of 34) in Which's review of travel insurance, with a 69% customer score, 95% single trip policy score and a 95% annual multi trip policy score, giving an overall score of 82%.

Defaqto gives both its annual trip and single trip policies five stars, making them “excellent products with a comprehensive range of features and benefits”. Elsewhere, Fairer Finance gives Saga an overall score of 75% for its travel insurance, putting it into its ‘silver’ category for happiness, trust, complaints and transparency. This puts Saga in the mid-range amongst Fairer Finance’s top ranking companies. Click here to see how Fairer Finance calculate their scores.

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