Review: CycleGuard cycle insurance

Key policy features

  • cycleGuard cycling insurance covers bikes up to £12,500 against theft and accidental damage
  • Up to 90-day worldwide cover - great for those considering taking bikes abroad
  • Good for all-rounders and commuters
  • Includes cover for racing as well as commuting, mountain biking and other cycling activities


CycleGuard is a trading name of Thistle Insurance Services Limited. The cycling insurance company prides itself on insuring all types of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, vintage and custom-designed bikes.

This could make it a good all-round policy for many different types of cyclists, including triathletes and off-road cyclists, or those who use their bike to commute to work or for leisure.

cycleGuard was covered in our guide to the best cycling insurers.

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Overview of cover provided by cycleGuard

The main benefits of cycling cover from cycleGuard are:

  • Covers bikes up to £12,500 for theft and accidental damage
  • Choice of whether to insure bikes in the UK only, the EU for 90 days or worldwide for 90 days
  • Bicycle hire when bikes are out of action due to theft or damage, until the bike is repaired or replaced
  • New-for-old replacement for bicycles that are up to 3 years old (after that the value deprecates for wear and tear)
  • Agreed value cover for modified bikes
  • Optional public liability and personal accident cover
  • Optional cycleguard Rescue - roadside recovery if you have an accident
  • Optional cover for racing and competitions
  • Optional accessories cover

As we say in our guide to the best cycling insurers, cycleGuard could be useful for all-round cyclists and those who take their bike abroad. Our guide also includes links to reviews of other cycle insurers, so you can compare policies.

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How much does insurance cover from cycleGuard cost?

The cost of cycleGuard premiums depends on the value of the bicycle/s insured, your postcode and whether you want any additional cover features, such as international travel or racing.

For example, to insure a road bike worth £1,500 at a Milton Keynes postcode, with no optional extras, it would cost £9.80 a month or £104 a year.

When optional worldwide cover, £250 accessories cover and roadside assistance cover is added, the premium increases to £13.38 a month or £142 a year.

cycleguard Rescue roadside assistance cover on its own costs £18 per bicycle for 12 months, or £13 if you want to add it to a cycleGuard policy.

What do customer reviews say?

cycleGuard is a relatively new company so it doesn't have a great deal of customer reviews. However, it has a score of 3.5/10 from 7 reviews on TrustPilot and is rated 1.8/5 from 10 reviews on

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