Review: Protect Your Bubble Bicycle Insurance

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Key policy benefits

  • Covers theft, accidental damage and vandalism
  • Cover extends to family members who live with you
  • Up to 15% multi-bike discount
  • UK-based customer support


Protect your bubble is part of Assurant, which has been in the insurance business for 120 years. Since its launch in 2008, Protect Your Bubble has gained over a million customers. As well as bicycle Insurance, the company provides gadget, pet and travel Insurance.

You can get a bicycle insurance quote from the Protect Your Bubble website.

Find out about the best cycling insurance companies in the UK.

An overview of the cover provided by Protect Your Bubble bicycle insurance

Protect Your Bubble covers bikes worth up to £8,000. The value of your bike determines the type of lock you must use to be able to receive the company's cover.

Protect Your Bubble’s Cycle Insurance policy includes:

  • Cove for theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Custom cycles (you must declare the custom parts when getting a quote)
  • Cover for vandalism
  • Use by family member who live with you (this includes parents, your partner, children and siblings over 16 years old)
  • New for old replacement (for bikes under 3 years old)

An excess of between £25 and £200 applies, depending on the value of your bike.

Cover is only available to UK residents over the age of 18.

Cover does not include public liability and damage as a result of using the bike as part of your occupation or profession. Tyres and removal parts are only covered if they are damaged or stolen at the same time as the bike frame.

You can add EU cover of up to 90 days per year (30 days per trip) to your policy for an additional premium.

When left unattended, bikes are covered for 12 hours at any one time and 24 hours if they are within the boundaries of a train station.

If your bike is stolen, you must report it to police within 48 hours and obtain a crime reference number before you claim.

Click the link to get a personalised bicycle insurance quote from Protect Your Bubble.

How much does bike insurance cover from Protect Your Bubble cost?

The cost of bike insurance depends on several factors, including the value of the bike, the postcode of the owner and whether you want to use it abroad.

To keep their policies affordable, Protect Your Bubble do not charge interest for monthly direct debit payments and customers get up to a 15% multi-bike discount.

Find out more about cover levels on the Protect Your Bubble website.

What do Protect Your Bubble Bicycle Insurance reviews by customer say?

Trustpilot has reviews for Protect Your Bubble as a company, rather than specifically for their bicycle insurance. The company received 4 out of 5 stars and a score of 8.6 out of 10 – giving it a rating of Great. 75.5% of the 13,183 customers who left reviews gave the company 5 stars, and a further 17.8% left 4 star reviews.

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