Pet insurance for pets with existing medical conditions

Maria Pasquale By Maria Pasquale

If your pet has a medical condition which you’ve already made an insurance claim for, the likelihood is that your premium will go up significantly when the time comes to renew. Shopping around becomes nearly impossible, because other insurers will see your pet as a high risk, and understandably you can quickly feel backed into a corner.

Choosing the right policy to begin with: time limited vs lifetime

If you’ve chosen a time limited policy, your cover will only pay for treating a condition for a year, after which you will have to foot the bill yourself. Naturally, with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, this can prove very costly over the lifetime of the pet.

If you choose a per-condition or, more often, Lifetime policy the insurer will pay to treat an ongoing condition for as long as required (provided it doesn’t exceed the per condition limit or lifetime limit).

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Should you stick with your insurer?

Even when the insurance company is willing to continue to cover an ongoing condition, it usually means you’ll have a big hike in the cost of your premium. Your pet’s now costing the insurance company money, so they want to cover that increased cost. Many people feel it is unfair, as this is what they have been paying for since they took out the policy. Insurance companies in turn claim rising vet fees are forcing them to increase the price of policies. This can be argued both ways, but we believe that we should try to improve the situation.

So is there another option…?

…for pets with an ongoing condition

The short answer is not yet. If your pet has an existing and ongoing medical condition, we haven’t found you a solution yet. But that doesn’t mean we won’t. We have created a group for pets with pre-existing medical conditions, so add your voice to the group to help us demand insurers offer a solution.

…for pets who were ill in the past

If your pet has not shown any symptoms or had any treatment for at least two years, our partner insurer VetsMediCover will cover your pet and give you £15 cashback, if conditions are met.

Join the group and get a quote for pre-existing medical conditions pet insurance here.