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PHC health insurance prides itself on delivering straightforward, jargon-free private medical cover. It offers 4 different policies, covering a range of budgets and benefits, all underwritten by AXA PPP healthcare, and two of which are rated 5/5 stars by industry body Defaqto.

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Background to PHC health insurance

PHC stands for Permanent Health Company. The company first launched in 1994, with the aim of providing simple medical insurance plans in what can feel like a complex market. Its philosophy is built around simplicity and value for money, and it offers a 24/7 customer support line. PHC’s policies are underwritten by AXA PPP healthcare and in May 2015, AXA announced plans to buy PHC (although the company will continue to operate independently).

Overview of the cover provided by PHC health insurance policies

There are 4 different health plans available to PHC customers, which offer varying levels of coverage and treatment centre options. With each plan, you can choose between moratorium or full medical underwriting.

The main differences between each policy are as follows:

Plans 1 and 2 provide in-patient and out-patient care for a range of conditions, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and psychiatric treatment. The major distinguishing factor between the two is that plan 2 does not cover out-patient physiotherapy, and claims are limited to £750 per policy year. Both plans include private ambulance trips and parent accommodation, while plan 1 also features cover for acupuncture, homeopathy and GP minor surgery.

Plan 3 includes core in-patient cover and out-patient treatment up to £1,000 per year, including CT, MRI and PET scans. There are optional extras available with this policy, including a 5% discount if you exclude psychiatric cover, and a ‘six week wait’ programme, assuring policyholders private medical treatment if care is not available through the NHS within six weeks.

The final policy, plan 4, only covers eligible in-patient treatment, plus chemotherapy and radiotherapy as an out-patient treatment. There is no excess available on this plan.

It is worth noting that some illnesses are excluded from all plans. These include chronic, long-term conditions and pre-existing medical conditions.

Get a quote and compare PHC's health insurance policy and prices versus others on the market at Active Quote.

How much does health insurance from PHC cost?

There is no such thing as a fixed fee when it comes to private medical insurance – the price you are quoted will depend on the state of your health, your lifestyle, your age, your history of previous injuries and the type of policy you require.

Another influential factor is the policy excess level that you choose, and PHC gives you the option to customise it according to your budget. Do bear in mind though that you will need to pay that excess in the event of a claim, so make sure you set it at an affordable amount.

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What do PHC health insurance customers say?

As a smaller provider than the 'big four' names like BUPA or AXA, there are few sources of reviews available for PHC. However in 2013, The Daily Telegraph recommended PHC as an alternative to the big four.

What do experts say about PHC health insurance?

Independent body Defaqto - a company that rates the quality of financial products including insurance - has awarded PHC’s first two health insurance plans the maximum 5 star rating, while its third plan has been given 3/5 stars and its fourth plan 2/5 stars.

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You can get a personalied quote and compare PHC's policies versus the market using, a health insurance comparison site. Their FCA-regulated advisors can also help you find the right policy for you.

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