9 Pets Who Should Have Made New Year's Resolutions

Ronny Lavie By Ronny Lavie

After the excitment of New Year's Eve has subsided, millions of people will be making New Year's resolutions this weekend. While most won’t make it to the end of the year (not to be negative, it’s all statistics), we think these pets should probably join in and do their best to stay on track.

This cat, who should’ve said no to that extra helping of Turkey:


This Pug, who needs to work on his confidence in social situations:


These cats, who should really lay off the sherry:


This poor guy, who is definitely moving out on his own this year:


These pooches, who need to rethink their style choices:


This little bunny, who knows it’s time to find a better job:


This stylish pooch, who needs to work on his handicap:


This tiny kitten, who should really learn to pick his battles:


Then again...:

funny gifs


Whatever you choose to do this year, we wish you, and your pets, nothing but success.

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