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Both Petplan Ultimate and Petplan Classic have been given 5-star ratings by Defaqto (an independent reviewer of financial products), and scored well in a recent survey of pet insurance companies by Which? Petplan's prices are not the cheapest, but for many customers their strong record on claims and customer service more than makes up for this.

You can get a quote at the Petplan website.

Petplan features in our list of the best pet insurance policies for dogs and for cats.

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Overview of the cover provided by Petplan Pet Insurance policies

Petplan is the UK's Number 1 provider of pet insurance by number of customers, and they are keen to distinguish themselves from other leading pet insurance companies by focusing solely on pets (i.e. they do not offer other types of insurance, such as car, home, etc).

Petplan have kept their pet insurance offering relatively simple, with just 3 policies available for both dogs and cats. Two of these, CLASSIC and ULTIMATE, are lifetime pet insurance policies (which Petplan call “Covered for Life”). The other policy, ESSENTIAL, is time-limited, meaning it provides cover for 12 months.

With no upper age limit, the 12-month ESSENTIAL is marketed by Petplan as being ideal for older dogs or cats. It covers a maximum of £3,000 in vet’s bills, with an additional £500 available for complementary treatment such as acupuncture or hydrotherapy.

Petplan CLASSIC is the less expensive of the two lifetime policies, and Petplan say it is their most popular policy. It offers a choice between £4,000 and £7,000 (per year) in maximum cover for vet’s fees, plus £1,000 for complementary therapies.

Petplan ULTIMATE is Petplan’s most premium policy, with £12,000 per year vet’s cover and £2,000 per year for complementary treatment.

So if you are considering insuring your dog or cat with Petplan, the first thing to decide is whether you want long-term (lifetime) cover for your pet, or whether you think that 12 month’s cover will be sufficient. If opting for a long-term policy, the choice between Petplan Classic and Petplan Ultimate is essentially about how much cover you want for vet bills. (If you're not sure how much cover is appropriate, your vet will be able to give you a view on what the likely costs of treatment for a pet like yours would be.)

Petplan also offer pet insurance for rabbits. You can read more about this in our article on Rabbit Insurance Comparison.

How much does pet insurance from Petplan cost?

With almost all pet insurance companies, the cost of pet insurance varies widely depending factors like the age and breed of your pet, and which part of the UK you live in. But to give you an indication, Which? obtained the following quotes for Petplan as part of their review:

  • 5 year old mixed breed dog: £863 per year (Ultimate) and £498 per year (Classic)
  • 5 year old Labrador Retriever: £863 per year (Ultimate) and £677 per year (Classic)
  • 6 year old mixed breed cat (moggy): £435 per year (Ultimate) and £297 per year (Classic)

(All costs are from Which's 2014 review. The costs listed for the Petplan Classic plan are for the optional higher level of cover (£7,000) within that plan.)

In the review by Which?, Petplan Ultimate was the most expensive policy for both mongrel dogs and mixed breed cats. Petplan Classic was also among the most expensive policies Which? reviewed.

What Petplan Insurance Customers Say

In's Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews, Petplan Pet Insurance Customer’s rated them 4.0 out of 5. Customers were asked for their feedback in four categories: they gave Petplan 4.1 for customer service, 4.0 for flexibility & fairness, 4.1 for product features, and 3.8 for value for money.

Which's Customer Satisfaction survey, meanwhile, gave Petplan a Customer Satisfaction Score of 59% - the 3rd highest score of all the pet insurance companies whose customers they interviewed.

What we say

Now owned by Allianz Insurance, Petplan is the UK's biggest and best-known pet insurer. Having been in business for 36 years, for a significant number of dog and cat owners it is the only pet insurance option worthy of consideration. Petplan is promoted by 9 out 10 vets, and has a good reputation for not penalizing its customers with higher prices after they have made claims.

How does Petplan Pet Insurance compare to other pet insurance policies?

Petplan Classic and Petplan Ultimate policies have both been rated 5-star by Defaqto and have also scored well in customer satisfaction surveys. In the survey by Which?, however, they were awarded a slightly lower overall score than John Lewis Insurance Premier and MORE TH>N Premier – while being more expensive than both.

See our article Top Ten Pet Insurance for more information on how Petplan fare against their competitors.

What the Expert Reviews Say about Petplan


Which? Review (Updated March 2015)

Petplan Ultimate: 90%

Petplan Classic: 69%

Defaqto Review (2014)

Petplan Ultimate: 5 stars

Petplan Classic: 5 stars


Which? Review (Updated March 2015)

Petplan Ultimate: 90%

Petplan Classic: 72%

Defaqto Review (2014)

Petplan Ultimate: 5 stars

Petplan Classic: 5 stars

Note: For more information about the methodology used by Which? and Defaqto in their reviews, read our Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Best Pet Insurance for Cats articles.

What people are saying about Petplan Insurance on Twitter

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This article on Petplan Pet Insurance is the latest in our series of reviews of different pet insurance companies, and the policies they offer for dogs, cats, and rabbits. You can read more reviews here.

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