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In summary: specialise in pet insurance, and aim to offer straightforward, no-fuss cover for cats and dogs. is a trading name of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited, who have been in business for over 70 years.

You can get a quote at the website.

Overview of the cover available from

There are two types of pet insurance policies on offer from

  • Standard – a time limited policy, covering each medical condition up to a certain amount of money, for 12 months. The policy can be renewed at the end of the 12 months period, but any medical conditions your pet has developed during the year may not be covered on renewal.
  • Lifetime – this policy covers each medical condition up to a certain amount for the lifetime of the pet. The condition will be covered on renewal. also offer a 35% introductory discount for new customers and an extra 10% multi-pet discount.

A very important feature of the cover is that you only pay excess on vet bills, not on any other claim.

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How much does pet insurance cover from cost?

With almost all pet insurance companies, the cost of pet insurance varies widely depending factors like the age and breed of your pet, and which part of the UK you live in. But to give you an indication, we obtained the following quotes:

  • 5 year old mixed breed dog: £10.61 per month (Standard policy) and £13.18 per month (Lifetime policy)
  • 5 year old Labrador Retriever: £10.37 per month (Standard policy) and £13.42 per month (Lifetime policy)
  • 6 year old mixed breed cat (moggy): £4.95 per month (Standard policy) and £6.40 per month (Lifetime policy)

To find out how much it would cost to insure your pet with click here to get a quote.

What customers say

Reviews for are split. On they received an average of 2.2 stars out of 5. Some customers say the claims process is complicated and takes too long to pay out, and that the prices start low but rise. On the contrary, others praise’s customer service and say that, while pay-outs can take a little longer to come through, the company does pay up as per the policy agreement (which, though it should be, cannot be taken for granted when it comes to pet insurance).

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What expert reviews say

Defaqto, an independent researcher of financial products, offers star ratings for pet insurance policies. Their ratings are between 1-star (“a basic product, with a low level of features and benefits”) and 5-stars (“an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits”). They gave both the Standard and Lifetime pet insurance policies from 3 stars.’s Consumer Finance Awards and Reviews does not offer customer reviews for, but its parent company, E&L pet insurance, received a rating of 3.6 out of 5 from customers. Customers were asked for their feedback in four categories: customer service, flexibility & fairness, product features and value for money. They scored E&L pet insurance 3.5 for customer service, flexibility & fairness and value for money, and 3.6 for product features. give E&L pet insurance 88% for service, which is the percentage of all customers leaving a review who rated the service ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ (500 customers rated the service excellent, 395 rated it good, 70 poor and 49 bad).

How does pet insurance from compare to other providers?'s Defaqto ratings are lower than better-known providers, such as John Lewis Pet Insurance and Pet Plan, but, as they offer generally cheaper premiums, many customers believe they offer good value for money. Of course, it is important to remember that cheapest doesn’t always mean best when it comes to pet insurance. To learn more about how pet insurance from compares to other companies, have a look at our other brand reviews in the related articles below.

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