It’s a beaglador! Nation’s perfect dog revealed and it’s a cross between a beagle, a collie and a labrador

Ronny Lavie By Ronny Lavie , source

Introducing the nation’s perfect dog – what we like to call the Beaglador.

The perfect pooch is made up of the short coat of an English bulldog, the floppy ears of a King Charles spaniel, the body of a border collie, the adorable snout of a labrador and the puppy dog eyes of the beagle.

The list of ideal characteristics was put together as part of a study of 2,000 pet owners.

The research found that the bulldog’s short coat was preferred by more than a third of owners, because they were lower maintenance. A similar number loved the spaniel’s long, floppy ears.

Meanwhile, it seems we Brits haven’t fully embraced the handbag dog – almost half said they preferred a ‘standard-sized’ dog like a collie, versus 36 per cent who preferred a lap dog such as the chihuahua.

The labrador wins cutest snout by a nose with 50 per cent of the vote, ahead of the collie with 24 per cent.

As for naming our cuddly BFFs, we tend to favour traditional names ever so slightly, with 33 per cent preferring the classic Bailey or Rover, while 29 per cent opt for human names, with Dave and Lucy both popular choices.

And, according to the study by flea treatment brand Frontline Spot On, your choice of dog can very much depend on where you live.

Unsurprisingly, 41 per cent of space-poor Londoners prefer smaller dogs, while almost a fifth of those in East Anglia – the ones with all that beautiful countryside and idyllic beaches to roam in – chose the Great Dane as their favourite breed.

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