PedalSure cycle insurance review

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Key policy features

  • PedalSure's insurance offers cover for cyclists, bikes, or both together
  • Health insurance-style payouts specifically for cyclists
  • Cover for races and international travel
  • We've negotaited a 10% discount on cover for new cyclists, city cyclists and mountain bikers for our members. Pedalsure are also giving members a Data-tag Stealth Pro with every insurance purchase, to help secure your cycle.


PedalSure is a cycling insurance company that specialises in cover for cyclists first, and their bikes second. That means PedalSure focuses on cover for risks like injuries as a result of a crash.

Its policies allow cyclists to insure just themselves, just their bikes, or both together.

Its cyclist option acts like specialist health insurance and will pay out for physio and dental care following an accident. It also includes personal accident and public liability cover. By insuring your bike you have the added benefits of payouts for damage and theft.

All of its policies allow for amateur races, time trials and sportives.

Find out how cycling insurance would have helped Bought By Many's resident cyclist David after his crash during a race.

PedalSure ranked highly in our guide to the best cycling insurers.

We believe PedalSure offers quality cover for cyclists so we've worked with them to offer 10% discounts for new cyclists and city cyclists. Bought By Many members also get a free Data-tag Stealth Pro when purchasing Pedalsure cycle insurance through a group. Click the links to find out more and unlock the special offer.

Overview of cover provided by PedalSure

PedalSure offers three tiers of cover for cyclists - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Gold offers the highest level of cover, for the highest premium, and includes personal accident cover up to £150,000 and personal liability cover up to £2m. Bronze offers £35,000 and £1m respectively, for comparison.

Like most personal accident policies, PedalSure will pay out different amounts depending on the type of injury suffered during a cycling accident.

Then, you have the option of adding your bike onto the insurance policy.

PedalSure's other policy features include:

  • Worldwide cover for you- 7, 14 or 28 days depending on the level of cover
  • Worldwide cover for your bike up to 21 days
  • Maximum accidental damage to bicycle and theft cover £15,000
  • Insure up to 5 bikes
  • Cover applies for use of bikes in amateur races
  • New-for-old bicycle cover
  • Maximum accidental death cover £150,000 - depends on the level of cover chosen
  • Physio cover up to £1,000 and dental cover up to £1,250 - depends on the level of cover chosen
  • Legal expenses cover up to £25,000, in case you are involved in a legal dispute following a cycling accident
  • Bicycle accessories damaged during an accident covered up to £1000, and clothing and personal effects up to £500

As we say in our cyclist's guide to insurance, PedalSure's policies could be useful for commuters, enthusiasts and people who have home insurance that covers their bikes, among others.

How much does insurance cover from PedalSure cost?

The cost of premiums from PedalSure will vary depending on whether you want to insure yourself, just your bike, or both together.

If you're insuring just yourself as a cyclist, Bronze cover costs £5.99 a month, Silver is £10.99 a month and Gold is priced at £16.99 a month.

If you'd like to add your bicycle to the policy, the price will vary depending on the value of your bike. For example, a Trek bicycle valued at £1,500 would cost £9.58 a month to insure.

Join our new cyclist or city cyclist group to get a quote featuring our 10% discount and free Data-Tag Stealth system.

What do customer reviews say?

PedalSure is a relatively new company so there are not many customer reviews online. We found one 5 out of 5 review on Trustpilot.

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