OUL Direct Travel Insurance Review

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Key Policy Features

  • Offer three policies – Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Policies available for non-UK residents and over 65s through OUL partners
  • Their website says insurance starts at £5.65

OUL Direct Travel Insurance Summary

OUL Direct is an online-only insurance company. If you need to contact them, you can do so via their online enquiry form, although they do have a claims phone number.

OUL Direct is underwritten by Travel Insurance Facilities.

See how their travel insurance compares to our 10 best travel insurance companies.

Will OUL Direct cover pre-existing medical conditions?

OUL Direct does not directly provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This means they will not cover you:

  • For any disease, illness or injury for which you have received medication, treatment or advice
  • For any disease, illness or injury of which you have experience symptoms, whether or not it has been formally diagnosed
  • If you are travelling against medical advice
  • If you are travelling with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad

It's best to read the policy wording if you're unsure what the policy will cover you for.

However, they do offer cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions in coordination with Good to Go Insurance. Both companies are trading names of Ancile Insurance Group Limited.

Their Bronze, Silver and Gold policies will cover adults up to the age of 54, 65 and 75 years old respectively. For anyone over the age of 75, they recommend going through Good to Go Insurance.

Be sure to read the policy wording before you take out your insurance.

OUL Direct Travel Insurance Overview

OUL Direct has lots of optional extras you can add to your policy in order to cover anything you might do while on holiday. The list is extensive, but it includes:

  • Winter sports
  • Gadgets
  • Business extension
  • Wedding cover
  • Golf extension, including a round of drinks at the bar if you get a hole in one!

Its three standard policies include:


  • Up to £500 cancellation or curtailment cover
  • Up to £5,000,000 medical expenses cover
  • £5,000 cover for death
  • Up to £200 personal baggage cover
  • Delayed baggage is not covered by this policy


  • Up to £750 cancellation or curtailment cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 medical expenses cover
  • £10,000 cover for death
  • £500 personal baggage cover
  • Up to £100 delayed baggage cover


  • Up to £3,000 cancellation or curtailment cover
  • Up to £10,000,000 medical expenses cover
  • £15,000 cover for death
  • Up to £1,500 personal baggage cover
  • Up to £100 delayed baggage cover

There is a £150 single item limit with its Gold cover, which means you cannot claim for any individual item worth more than that. If you buy its optional gadget cover you'll have a £500 single item limit.

Find out more about single and valuable item limits here.

How much does OUL Direct travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance will cost varying amounts depending on a person’s age, their health and their holiday destination. As a basic guideline, though, we got the following quotes from the OUL Direct website.

41-year-old, single trip to Italy, two weeks

  • Gold £33.83
  • Silver £26.17
  • Bronze £6.60

As a useful comparison for how your age will affect the price of your policy:

27-year-old, single trip to Italy, two weeks

  • Gold £10.19
  • Silver £6.98
  • Bronze £6.60

Prices were correct as of December 2016.

What the experts say about OUL Direct travel insurance

OUL Direct was included in Which?’s Best Rate Single Trip policies for adults and families, as well as their adult policy for Best Rate Annual Trip, with a score of 65% for all three. The results were taken in September 2016.

Independent financial researcher Defaqto has rated OUL Direct’s Gold and Silver cover as 3 Star and 2 Star respectively.

A Star Rating indicates where a product of proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

A 3 Star rated policy has “an average level of features and benefits” while a 2 Star rated product has “A below average range of features and benefits”.

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