Nationwide Home Insurance Review

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Key policy information

  • Nationwide's highest level of cover offers unlimited buildings cover and £100,000 contents cover
  • Up to 35% no claim discount on home contents insurance
  • £30 gift card if you buy a combined buildings and contents policy directly that starts before the end of March 2017

Background to Nationwide

Nationwide is the largest building society in the world. It is the second largest provider of mortgages in the UK and, on top of this, offers a range of insurance products, including life, car, mobile phone, breakdown and home.

You do not need a Nationwide bank account to buy its insurance products.

Its home insurance policy regularly features on our list of the best home insurance providers. Check out our guide to see where they feature and read reviews of other companies.

Nationwide's home insurance policies are underwritten by U K Insurance Limited, which also underwrites Direct Line Group companies.

Overview of the cover provided

Nationwide offers two levels of cover: Home Insurance Essentials and Home Insurance.

Home Insurance Essentials offers £1m buildings insurance and £50,000 contents insurance. It also includes £1,000 digital information cover, and the option to include personal possessions and accidental damage cover.

Home Insurance offers unlimited buildings insurance and £100,000 contents insurance. Personal possessions, accidental damage and accidental damage by pets are included as standard. It includes a matching sets & suites policy, which will replace the matching items of, for example, a set of sofas, if the damaged item cannot be replaced individually.

Nationwide home insurance allows you to leave your home unoccupied for up to 60 days. If you leave your house unoccupied for longer than this, your cover may not continue.

Nationwide's home insurance policy provides £5,000 of cover under the Essentials policy and £10,000 under the Home Insurance policy to a child studying away from home.

Remember that if you decide to do any work on your home that is more than routine maintenance or if you move, you need to tell your insurance company. If you do not, you may not be covered any longer.

Nationwide offers home emergency cover as an optional extra that costs £20.90 a year. It can be a useful policy - it covers up to £500 of work to deal with emergency problems to things like your roof, plumbing, heating and power. The work does not count as an insurance claim so your premium will not be affected.

How much does home insurance from Nationwide cost?

It is difficult to say how much your home insurance quote will be because it depends on factors such as the location, age, size and value of your home and the value of your contents, as well as the comprehensiveness of the policy.

Optional extras, such as legal expenses protection, will also make a difference to the price, and whether or not you have claimed in the past.

Nationwide allows you to alter your policy excess from a minimum of £50 to a maximum £500 on both buildings and contents insurance. It seems attractive to up the excess and pay a lower premium but remember, if you do end up having to make a claim you need to be able to afford the excess.

While price is important for many people, it shouldn't be the only factor you consider before purchasing home insurance. Remember that the cheapest insurance isn't necessarily the best insurance. See our list of the best home insurance companies here.

Nationwide offers a 20% introductory discount if you buy buildings and contents insurance together direct from the company. It specifies that the discount doesn't apply to Home Emergency or Legal Assistance cover.

If you stay claim free for five years, you can receive up to a 35% no claims discount on home contents insurance and up to 10% no claims discount on buildings insurance. You may also receive a smaller discount if you are claim-free for a year or more but haven't yet reached five years.

What the customers say about Nationwide home insurance

Nationwide has been awarded 1.6 stars out of 5 on based on 51 reviews.

What the experts say about Nationwide home insurance

Nationwide has won a Which? recommended award.

The company's home insurance has also been given a score of 63% from Fairer Finance and has been awarded a Gold Ribbon. It is sixth out of 48 providers reviewed. Fairer Finance bases its ratings on customer happiness, customer trust, how well the company handles complaints and the company's transparency.

Both Nationwide's Home Insurance and Home Insurance Essentials policies are rated 5 Star by independent financial review service Defaqto.

A Star Rating indicates where a product or proposition sits in the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features it offers.

A 5 Star rated policy is "an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features and benefits".

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