Best Multi-Pet Insurance Discounts 2017

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If you have 2 pets (or more!), it's possible to save money by insuring them together on a multi pet insurance policy. Here's a comparison of the top discounts for multiple pets offered by different pet insurance companies:

Multiple Pet Insurance Comparison: Dogs and Cats

  1. Bought By Many - 15% discount
  2. More Than - 10% discount (If you need insurance for two dogs, don't forget you can get extra savings by combining More Than's multi pet discount with the discount for members of our Multi Dog Insurance group)
  3. Animal Friends - 10% discount
  4. - 10% discount
  5. Argos - 10% discount
  6. Churchill - 10% discount
  7. E&L Pet Insurance - 10% discount
  8. Tesco Bank - 10% discount
  9. LV= - 5% discount
  10. John Lewis Insurance - 5% discount

To create this list, we ranked providers of pet insurance first by the percentage multi pet discount offered, and then by their score in our analysis of the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats.

Other companies ranking outside the Top 10 who offer multi pet discounts include M&S Insurance and Direct Line.

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Alternative Multi Pet Discounts

Some pet insurance companies don't offer percentage multi pet discounts, but still offer an incentive to insure two or more dogs or cats on the same policy.

  • Petplan, Co-op Pet Insurance, and Sainsburys Pet Insurance all offer £12 off for each additional pet when you insure multiple pets with them
  • Helpucover offers one month's free insurance when you insure two or more pets on the same policy

Multi pet insurance quotes

All of the companies listed in this article allow you to get multi pet insurance quotes online.

However, there is usually a limit on the number of pets you can add to an online quote. For example, with More Than, Multi Pet Insurance online quotes are limited to three pets - if you want to insure more than three dogs and cats on the same policy, you will need to get a quote over the phone.

With Bought By Many, you can get a pet insurance quote for up to 5 pets online.

If you're getting quotes for a range of pets it's worth checking if a multi-pet discount can be applied across different policies. Because prices are influenced by factors such as breed and the age of the pet, some owners choose separate policies for their pets based on affordability for its specific circumstances.

If you'd like to compare the other features and benefits of the different pet insurance policies, why not read our reviews on the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs and Cats?

What is multi pet insurance?

Multi pet insurance is the name given by insurance companies to a pet insurance policy which covers more than one pet. Increasingly, insurance companies are offering cheaper prices to people insuring multiple pets on the same policy. They usually refer to this as a "multipet" discount.

4 out of 10 UK pet owners have two or more pets in their household, meaning that multi pet insurance is an understandably popular choice. We expect to see multi pet insurance become cheaper over time, as competition between pet insurance companies increases.

Discounts for multiple pets are typically between 5% and 15% of the total pet insurance premium.

Multi Pet Insurance for Rabbits

There are two options if you have rabbits and are looking for multi pet insurance:

  • Petplan allows you to cover multiple rabbits on the same policy, and you'll get £12 of your premium for each rabbit you add
  • Helpucover pet insurance offers one month's free insurance when you add an extra rabbit to a pet insurance policy with them

Multi Pet Insurance for Exotic Pets

If you have parrots or other birds, E&L offers a 10% multi bird discount.

Meanwhile, Exotic Direct allows you to add up to three birds, reptiles, or mammals to the same policy, but doesn't offer any multi pet discounts.

Multi Pet Insurance Comparison

When comparing policies with multi-pet discounts make sure you take into account the cost and cover levels offered by the companies you're considering.

There's no point in choosing an insurer based on a high multi-pet discount if its policies cost more and provide the same level of cover or less than rivals.

Try to compare similar levels of cover using the same details each time you get a quote. Getting quotes for different pets may change the price.

Many companies also offer an online discount so if you are comparing quotes, try to get them in the same way for each company, for example, get them all online or all on the phone.

Multi Pet Insurance on Lifetime Pet Insurance policies

Good news: all of the insurance companies listed here allow you to use their multi pet discount on their lifetime pet insurance policies. As lifetime pet insurance is typically more expensive than other types of pet insurance, multi pet savings are all the more valuable.

This article was independently written by Bought By Many. We were not paid to write it, but we may receive commission for sales that result from you clicking on a link to one of our partners.

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