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Marmalade is a specialist car insurance company, focused on young drivers. Marmalade received the congratulation of the House of Commons in an Early Day Motion, for its work with young driver safety, which is a very rare achievement for a private company.

You can get a car insurance quote from Marmalade by following these links:

Marmalade also offers 12 months free insurance when you buy a new car through their Cars for Young Drivers scheme.

You can get a Cars for Young Drivers quote at the Marmalade website.

Check out Marmalade's website for their full terms and conditions for all their products.

Overview of Marmalade car insurance cover

Marmalade's insurance policies are underwritten by both Allianz Insurance PLC and Zenith Marque Insurance Services Limited.

Marmalade insurance for learner drivers is a policy designed to cover a driver while they are still learning, up until they pass their test. It is not a stand-alone policy, in that it cannot cover you for a car you own yourself, but is meant to sit alongside the existing policy covering the car owned by a family member or friend. Anyone over the age of 25 who has held a UK driving licence for more than three years can supervise you under the Marmalade policy.

That said, if any claim is made on this policy while the young driver is driving, it will not affect the no claims discount of the car’s owner. This policy is fully comprehensive, with an excess for claims fixed at £250.

Once you pass your test (congrats!), the learner driver cover expires and you must take out a new policy. The good news is you can claim a refund for any unused months of your Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance.

You will then be able to take out Marmalade's New Driver Insurance for young drivers. This is a telematics policy, meaning a black box will have to be fitted in the car to monitor the new driver’s driving skills. However, unlike many other policies of this kind, no curfew will be imposed. Still, your driving will be monitored closely and your premium will increase if your driving is consistently bad or irresponsible. Repeated unsafe driving could lead to a premium increase but nine out of 10 Marmalade drivers have never had that problem. (This is based on stats collected between 01/01/2015 and 31/12/2016.) For serious repeat offenders, the policy may even be cancelled. On the other hand, consistent good driving could earn you an additional discount at renewal.

Marmalade New Driver Insurance will only cover cars 9 years old, with an engine size of up to 1.4 litres, as these are safer for new drivers to drive.

Another important feature of Marmalade insurance is their Cars for Young Drivers scheme. This scheme offers finance deals on brand new cars, with payment plans, low deposits and 12 months free young driver Marmalade insurance. Finance is only available from age 18, their free insurance is based on your postcode. If free insurance can't be offered, Marmalade will contribute towards your insurance premium by either discounting your insurance premium or offering cashback.

Marmalade is one of the providers in our guide to the eight best black box insurers.

How much does cover from Marmalade cost?

As always, insurance premiums vary widely according to personal circumstances, such as your postcode and age. However, Marmalade insurance believe young and new drivers deserve fairer premiums and so their aim is to keep cost down. This is helped by their strict guidelines as to what type of cars they will insure and the use of telematics technology, closely monitoring their drivers’ skills.

While having your driving monitored may not sound like a great option, the fact that Marmalade doesn't impose curfews, along with their finance options on new cars and their promise to try and keep premiums down, make them a serious contender in the young driver insurance market.

Get a tailored quote from Marmalade insurance on their website. Click here for Learner Driver Insurance and here for New Driver Insurance.

Repayments for Marmalade's Cars for Young Drivers scheme starts at £172 per month. Click here to see Marmalade's range of cars for Young Drivers.

What Marmalade insurance customers say

As Marmalade is a relatively new and specialised addition to the market, there aren’t many Marmalade car insurance reviews to be found on websites such as Fairer Finance and Which?. However, most opinions expressed on public forums appear to be favourable, particularly when discussing Marmalade insurance for learner drivers, with many parents and young drivers alike saying they have been happy with the company.

Marmalade have received a rating of 9.2 out of 10 based on 1,514 reviews on Trustpilot.

What expert reviews say

Marmalade's New Driver Insurance has been awarded a 3 Star rating from the independent financial review service Defaqto.

A Star rating indicates where a product sits on the market based on the quality and comprehensiveness of its features.

A 3 Star rating indicates “a standard product” which provides “an average level of features and benefits”.

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