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Update: this offer has now expired. Why not check out our list of the top 10 pet insurance policies.

Bought by Many today announces a £15 John Lewis* voucher deal negotiated exclusively for Bought by Many members when purchasing John Lewis Pet Insurance for pedigree cats.

Why an offer on pet insurance for pedigree cats?

As someone who owns a pedigree cat or is thinking about getting one, you might know that pet insurance for pedigree cats is more expensive than for mixed breeds or moggies. The reason for this is that the breeding process makes pedigree cats susceptible to hereditary medical conditions, which can result in a need for an increased amount of vet treatment. Pedigree cats also tend to be more financially valuable, which can also lead to more expensive pet insurance claims if they pass away or are stolen.

Do you have a beloved cat which is a moggy not a pedigree? We have some insights for you as well - feel free to read the following article to learn more: Cheap Pet Insurance for Cats.

Why John Lewis?

John Lewis operates 43 John Lewis shops across the UK as well as johnlewis.com. It is part of the John Lewis Partnership, the UK's largest example of worker co-ownership where all 30,000 staff are Partners in the business. John Lewis Insurance offers a range of comprehensive insurance products - home, car, wedding and event, travel and pet insurance and life cover - delivering the values of expertise, trust and customer service expected from the John Lewis brand.

John Lewis Insurance offers Long Term Cover for your pet. This means, if you're insured with John Lewis and your premiums are paid, you could claim for a one-off mishap such as a cut paw and an illness such as diabetes, which needs treatment each year. If your policy is renewed every year, they won't put a time limit on how long treatment can last and will pay up to your chosen vet fee limit each year your pet needs it. This is different to time limited policies, which consider ongoing conditions as pre-existing after the first year of treatment.

To learn more about John Lewis Insurance and how it compares to other providers, please read our John Lewis Pet Insurance Review and Best Pet Insurance for Cats.

Why Bought by Many?

Bought by Many help people club together to buy insurance. We connect people with similar insurance needs in groups, and use the group's collective buying power to negotiate offers on insurance that wouldn't be available to individuals. The concept’s simple - the more people who join a group, the better the deal becomes.

It’s thanks to the collective power of all pedigree cat owners who have joined Bought by Many that we have been able to negotiate this exclusive deal with John Lewis Insurance. Join them and you can take advantage of the deal as well - £15 John Lewis voucher when you buy your John Lewis Pet Insurance for pedigree cats!

Steven Mendel, CEO and co-founder of Bought by Many added: “We are delighted to announce that we are working with such a trusted brand and we are pleased to see that John Lewis Insurance recognises the importance of social engagement in the insurance arena. By joining forces we have been able to create a compelling proposition for yet another specialised insurance group that has been underserved for such a long time.”

In addition to pure breed cats, you can also get the same offer when insuring your Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Hungarian Vizsla, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel or Labradoodle.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

This article was independently written by Bought By Many. We were not paid to write it, but we may receive commission for sales that result from you clicking on a link to one of our partners.

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