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iGO4 is a budget home insurance provider, which pledges to offer customers a transparent, affordable policy, with the ability to add extras if they wish to increase elements of their cover.

iGO4 aims for low premiums and often appears near the top of the tables on Price Comparison Websites. Customer reviews indicate some issues with customer service levels which can be the case with lower cost providers.

You can get a quote at the iGO4 home insurance website

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Background to iGO4 home insurance

iGO4 is a UK affinity partner, which offers broking and insurance solutions for a number of companies including first direct, Kia and Santander UK PLC.

It also offers direct-to-consumer policies under its iGO4 Insurance brand, with car insurance, van insurance and home insurance products currently available.

It tends to be thought of as a ‘budget’ insurance company, promising to deliver transparency as well as value in its insurance products.

Overview of the cover provided by iGO4 home insurance policies

iGO4 customers can choose between a combined buildings and contents policy, or individual premiums for both buildings and contents.

The company’s philosophy is to offer a basic standard product, but with ‘added extras’ that policyholders can select to increase the level of cover they require – although this does increase the premium.

All customers receive a number of standard benefits, such as access to a 24-hour claims service based in the UK. The online quote form allows you to specify a contents limit up to £75,000 and buildings cover for up to £1,000,000. However it is worth noting that iGO4 achieve lower prices by limiting the cover with exclusions at a more detailed level. Some examples include:

  • They will never pay out more than 1/3rd of your contents sum insured for the loss of valuables
  • No cover for individual items worth more than £2,500
  • £500 limit on pedal cycle insurance, and the bike is only covered if it was stolen following forcible and violent entry to the home
  • The insurer will not pay more than 12.5% of the buildings sum insured for any one claim

Further restrictions can be viewed in iGO4's policy wording.

In addition to setting the total level of buildings and contents cover, optional extras include accidental damage extension, additional cover away from the home, family legal protections, and home assistance; up to £500 cover in the event of an emergency call out, for problems including plumbing issues, central heating failure and blockages in toilet waste pipes.

You can get a quote at the iGO4 home insurance website

How much does home insurance from iGO4 cost?

iGO4 has a reputation of being a budget home insurance provider but the exact cost of your policy will depend on the total level of buildings and contents cover you select, along with the number of optional extras. The age and location of your home will also influence the price.

As with all insurance, the more comprehensive your policy, the more expensive your premium becomes – however please remember that the most important consideration is whether you have the right cover in place for your home and possessions.

Generally, speaking, iGO4 has a reputation for providing a cheaper standard premium than some other providers. However, it’s not worth cutting corners on your home insurance policies to save costs, only to find you’re not covered in the event of a claim.

The best way to get an accurate price is to get a home insurance quote through the iGO4 website.

What do iGO4 home insurance customers say?

Online customer review website Review Centre gives iGO4 home insurance an overall rating of 1.1/5 stars, with several pieces of feedback warning potential purchasers to read the terms and conditions carefully – as they have been charged a £75 cancellation fee for terminating their policy early.

iGO4 has also received negative feedback on The Guardian website, where one customer submitted an article that was very critical of its customer service (or lack thereof).

What do experts say about iGO4 home insurance?

Guardian journalist Anna Timms responded to the customer complaint and concluded that iGO4 was not investing enough into customer service. She also added a general note that with all budget insurance offers, costs have to be cut elsewhere to keep the premium prices low, which is why policyholders often experience poor service.

Industry body Defaqto has rated iGO4 home insurance 2 out of a possible 5 stars.

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