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Health-on-Line are a relatively new health insurer, founded in 2000. However, they have grown quickly (paying out over £800m in claims in 2013) and are now part of the AXA group of companies.

Health-on-Line aims to produce simple policies, with minimal jargon and try to take the complexity out of what they think can be a confusing industry. Their products offer a core cover, with options so you can tailor the policy to suit your budget.

They've also received good feedback on their products and services from customers and the industry.

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Overview of health insurance covered provided by Health-on-Line

Health-on-Line offer four main types of health insurance:

  • Heart & Cancer Cover – this is health insurance for the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions, cancer and strokes; it gives up to £250,000 cover over a period of 24 months
  • Priority Diagnostics - designed to give customers prompt access to specialist and diagnostic tests to establish a diagnosis; treatment is then not covered
  • Health For You – this health insurance contains market-leading Heart & Cancer care and no claims discount protection levels, with cover available through hand-picked hospitals
  • Personal Health – this health insurance also contains market-leading Heart & Cancer Care, no claims discount protection levels, and Family cover. Cover is available through a wider range of hospitals throughout the country

Their Personal Health policies are more similar to those offered by the likes of AXA and BUPA - by adding more hospitals, the cover is more expensive. Those on a budget or those who don't need access to more expensive hospitals (often located in large city centres) can find the Health For You option particularly competitive.

Health For You allows comes with core cover which offers a basic set of benefits. There are then options to increase your cover to include different levels of Out-Patient treatment, cover for Therapies, Mental Health treatments, Dental and Optical cover, and a worldwide travel option.

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How much does Health-on-Line health insurance cost?

As with all health insurance policies, the cost varies according to your own personal circumstances such as your age, postcode and current health.

Choosing greater levels of cover can increase your premium but Health-on-Line offer two ways to keep within a budget.

Firstly they offer you a choice of excess (the amount you need to pay toward your claims each year). Secondly, they allow you to set your health insurance up as a NHS 'safety net' - if you choose this option and treatment is available on the NHS within 6 weeks then you must take it. If you will need to wait longer than 6 weeks for treatment, then you are covered to get treated privately. In return, you enjoy a discount on your premiums.

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What do Health-on-Line customers say?

Health-on-Line scored a 98% positive rating on Feefo (for the year August 2014 - August 2015), earning them Feefo's Gold Trusted Merchant Status. Health-on-Line also receives 3.3 / 5 stars on, with 61% of customers recommending the company. This makes it one of the highest-rated UK Health Insurers on

What do the experts say?

Health-on-Line have been twice named the Online Healthcare provider of the Year by the Your Money awards.

Their Health For You policy has earned 4 out of a possible 5 stars from Defaqto (an independent reviewer of financial products) which they describe as meaning it is 'A product with a good level of features and benefits'.

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