The ultimate pet lovers gift guide 2015

Helen Bentham By Helen Bentham

Stocking Fillers

  • Embrace the fur pet sign, £4.99

    Embrace the fur pet sign, £4.99
    Nevermind 'beware of the dog', try these quirky positive alternatives for your hallway.

  • Dogs Trust postcards (x10), £10.00

    Dogs Trust postcards (x10), £10.00
    A stunning set of canine portraits. All of the proceeds will go towards Dogs Trust to help them continue their phenomenal work in dog welfare.

  • Winged pug candle, £9.99

    Winged pug candle, £9.99
    Admit it, this is the one thing that will make your Christmas mantle complete.

  • Doug the Pug mousemat, £8.00

    Doug the Pug mousemat, £8.00
    Keep someone smiling all day at work with Doug The Pug, a fun way to brighten up a desk at home or at work.

  • Doug the Pug mousemat, £8.00

    Adopt a hedgerow for 12 months, £19.99
    Help to conserve the rural British landscape and its wildlife. You can also adopt a Meercat, Dog, Bear, Donkey, Horse, Shark, Cat, Owl, Big Cat, Monkey, Sea Turtle or Penguin!

  • For the pet owner who has EVERYTHING

  • Personalised pet portrait, £105.00

    Personalised pet portrait, £105.00
    Turn your pet into a work of art, even an heirloom. Jo Chambers, of Studio Legohead, creates wonderfully quirky and striking animal portraits - you just have to upload a photo and she'll get to work.

  • Set of 3 flying Pugs, £99.99<

    Set of 3 flying Pugs, £99.99
    Forget ducks, your living room is crying out for this trio of flying Pugs. Modelled on the artist's own Pug Mutley.

  • Scotty dog wall sticker, £25.99<

    Scotty dog wall sticker, £25.99
    Transform plain painted walls with these decorative stickers from Brume, designed to change your living space into something stylish, playful and fun. (Also available in Retriever, Poodle, dog with ball, Alsatian, cat and Airdale)

  • Cufflinks with bespoke pet photo, £19.95<

    Cufflinks with a bespoke pet photo, £19.95
    Finding a truly personal gift for the dog-lover in your life just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this sophisticated collection of Cufflinks from WithLoveFrom.

  • Solid silver duke dog whistle, £380.00<

    Solid silver duke dog whistle, £380.00
    The ultimate gift for an Englishman and his dog. Handmade by world renowned Acme Whistle Company and threaded on to a comfortable and secure soft, nappa leather thong.

  • Gifts for the Head Chef

  • Dog cookies, healthy allergen-free treat recipes, £9.99<

    Dog cookies, healthy allergen-free treat recipes, £9.99
    Using natural ingredients, with no sugar, colourings or additives, these special treat and cookie recipes include those suitable for dogs with sensitive or allergic tendencies.

  • Cat apron with pocket, £18.00<

    Cat apron with pocket, £18.00
    Tomato Catshop design and hand-make these gorgeous aprons in their busy work shop in East Devon. It's the purrrrfect gift for the cat fanatic in your life.

  • Shouty dog tea towel, £8.75<

    Shouty dog tea towel, £8.75
    Made by Creature Clothes who strive to create beautiful, ethical and environmentally aware products. Everything is designed in-house, and manufactured in the UK. WOOF!

  • Dogs linen oven gloves, £20.80<

    Dogs linen oven gloves, £20.80
    Mutts & Hounds stylish double oven gloves made from their exclusive printed linen make a wonderful gift, especially for dog lovers.

  • Gifts for the fashionista

  • Basset Hound silk scarf, £90.00<

    Basset Hound silk scarf, £90.00
    Made in the UK by emerging new design talent Lisa Bliss, here's something you won't find on the high street - a really unique gift.

  • Sleeping cat bag, £15.00<

    Sleeping cat bag, £15.00
    Want a stylish canvas bag for everyday tasks, such as shopping trips? Then treat yourself to this chic bag from Jin Designs. Perfect as a gift for a fellow pet lover or as an addition to your home.

  • Flying pug cushion cover, £25.00<

    Flying pug cushion cover, £25.00
    We just can't get enough of these flying pugs! Another design inspired by Mutley destined for a bedroom near you!

  • Silver Jack Russell cameo necklace, £34.50<

    Silver Jack Russell cameo necklace, £34.50
    We love these gorgeous and very special dog themed necklaces from handmade jewellery specialists, Jo Jo Jewellery.

  • Need more inspiration? Check out the PetsPyjamas Christmas shop

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